Can Pokemon Forget HM Moves? (Can Pokemon Unlearn Moves?)

As a skilled Pok√©mon player ūüēĻÔłŹ who has taught their creatures several tricks and moves over the years, I have also naturally made them forget a number along the way.

Storage space will always be an issue unless you get rid of your Pok√©mon’s old TM and HM moves. It’s actually not that hard to do, even for HMs, which can be a bit trickier than their TM counterparts.

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How Can You Make Pokémon Forget Some Moves?

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You can make a Pokémon forget HM moves using a Move Deleter (MD) and TM moves by overwriting them.

The main difference between Technical Machine (TM) and Hidden Machines (HM) moves is that the former is exclusively used in battle, while the latter is for exploring the Pok√©mon world, making HMs more valuable ūüíé.

TM moves can be easily deleted when you need to make space for new ones, unlike HM moves, which cannot be forgotten under normal conditions. To learn more, check out the table below:

TM moves

Can be deleted anytime by using the ‚ÄėForget an existing move?‚Äô function.

HM moves

Can be deleted by going to your location’s Move Deleter. Simply talk to the MD NPC (older-looking man) and say you need to delete your HM/s. Your moves will be displayed. Click on the one you want to get rid of, and it will be instantly forgotten.

Can You Replace HM Moves On Pokémon?

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Hidden Machine or HM moves can be replaced, but only by the use of a Move Deleter NPC. Pokémon cannot progress from one generation to another with an HM move, hence the need for the Move Deleter.

For example, you cannot send a Pok√©mon from Generation III to Generation IV if it knows a particular HM move, such as Diving ūüĆä.

Therefore, when advancing, your Pokémon must learn new moves, which can only be done by first deleting their current HM move (using the process outlined above) and teaching them a fresh one.

Why Can’t Pokémon Forget HM Moves?

Pokemon Unlearn Moves

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Pokémon cannot forget HM moves under regular circumstances to prevent players from unintentionally getting stranded somewhere.

HMs are essentially limitless special moves that Pokémon can do outside the battle in the games their HMs are. Some HM moves include rock climb, rock smashing, flying, cutting, waterfall, surfing, and diving.

As evident, these are skills a Pok√©mon would need to explore the diverse terrains of the Pok√©mon world. If a Pok√©mon forgot an HM move they needed to pass a sea or forest, the player would be trapped ūüĒí.

Where Can You Find Moves Deleter?

Move Deleters have various hometown locations depending on their locations. Check out the table below:




Hau’oli City


Mistralton City


Lilycove City


Blackthorn City


Mt. Battle


Fuschia City

In general, Move Deleters can be found near the city’s Pokémon center, so that is the first place you would want to look.

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