How Does Pokémon Fusion Work? (How Do Fused Pokémon Evolve?)

Pokémon Fusion has got to be one of my favorite features in the Pokémon games. I can’t recall how many times I have fused different Pokémon and even had them evolve after I learned how Fusion works. 😅

How Do Fused Pokémon Evolve?


Creating a new Pokémon from Fusion is something exciting and amazing that more people should know about. It’s time to put my Pokémon fusion expertise to good use as I let you know all I know about this topic.

So, gather around as we dive deeper into all things related to Pokémon Fusion.

How Do Fusion Pokémon Evolve?

How Pokémon Fusion Work
How Fusion Pokémon Evolve. Image source: Pinterest

A Fusion Pokémon can evolve by level up. The Pokémon evolves according to each fused half’s evolutionary method.

This means that one-half of the Fusion Pokémon will evolve at its set level while the other half will evolve at its level as well.

Even though the fused Pokémon will evolve, it will take a longer time to happen. The evolution is taking place on both base form Pokémon, which both have their own set time to evolve.

The Fusion, however, will happen even though it will take some time. ⏳

How Does Pokémon Infinite Fusion Generate Sprites?

To generate Pokémon Fusion sprites, the player has to stick parts of the head Pokémon onto the body Pokémon.

Even though the sprites are pixelated and lack fine details, they are meant to give a relevant impression of what the Fusion will look like.

The table below illustrates the programs that can be used to generate sprites for Pokémon Infinite Fusion:




Does not require download.


Requires download.

MS Paint

Already installed on most PC’s.


Requires download.


Requires download.


Requires download. (Mobile app)

How Do You Choose What Pokémon to Fuse?

Fused Pokémon-How Does Pokémon Fusion Work? 
Choose What Pokémon to Fuse. Image source: Pinterest

There are some variations to consider when choosing Pokémon to fuse. To carefully consider these variations mentioned, you should study the stats of both Pokémon you intend to fuse to have the best outcome of the Fusion.

One of them is ensuring that each of the fused Pokémon is not weak against the same type of Pokémon. This means that at least one Pokémon in the Fusion can resist a certain type of Pokémon if the other one is weak against it. This will build a stronger defense for the Fusion Pokémon.

Another variation to consider is to check what moves the two Pokémon you intend to fuse possess. Both Pokémon have to possess moves that can impact maximum damage to their opponent.

An ideal scenario would be if you fuse two Pokémon that would enable you to get STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus). This type of attack is usually deadly to an opponent since the damage is multiplied by 1.5.

It also wouldn’t hurt if you put into consideration the looks of your Pokémon😎. A Pokémon that looks cool and is deadly as well is a combination that most people aim to achieve when fusing Pokémon.

You can consider the first two variations to give your Fused Pokémon a competitive advantage while also looking at their appearance to see if the end result of the Fusion would produce a cool-looking Pokémon.

How Fused Pokémon Evolve?


Can You Unfuse a Fused Pokémon?

 How Do Fused Pokémon Evolve?
Unfuse a Fused Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

It is possible to unfuse a Fused Pokémon and return them to their respective base form. This is achievable by using a splicer or super slicer.

Both splicers will give you the same result of unfusing, but it is recommended that you use the cheaper option. The cheapest route to go about unfusing is by using the regular splicer.

After you are done unfusing, you are given the option to send one of the base form Pokémon to your computer.

Pokémon obtained from Wonder Trade is a bit difficult to unfuse but not impossible. You can unfuse them by breeding the Fused Pokémon and then unfusing the hatched egg. 🥚

How Does Pokémon Fusion Work?

How Do Fused Pokémon Evolve work?
How Does Pokémon Fusion Work? Image source: Pinterest

A player can choose to combine any two Pokémon of their choice to create a Fusion Pokémon. These fused Pokémon are no different from the other Pokémon since they also have their unique movesets, stats, and Pokedex entries.

These fusions are not easily found in the wild but are normally used among Pokémon trainers.

A fused Pokémon cannot be fused further than it already is. The combination of two Pokémon is the furthest a fusion can get.

If a trainer chooses to fuse two Pokémon of the same species, they get a self-fusion that can only gain an XP bonus. This self-fusion also only has the same stats as its base form Pokémon.

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