Should Charizard learn slash? (is air slash worth teaching Charizard?)

Growing up as a Pokémon enthusiast, I was always eager to learn new tricks and moves to apply to my Charizard and compete smoothly with my opponents and destroy them.

Several moves including firespin and Blastburn were among the best moves I used when attacking. Since I grew up learning about these moves and from my experience as a Pokémon enthusiast who engages in a lot of discussion concerning this topic, I will help you see if it’s worth it for Charizard to learn Air Slash or not.

air slash worth teaching Charizard

What level does Charizard learn air slash?

Should you consider teaching Charizard the move Air Slash?
Charizard learn air slash. Image source: Pinterest

The Charizard learns the Air slash method when it evolves in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet despite the level.

However, if one plans to use the slash, you should use the scope lens even though you must trade for it since it is not available as a trade item. 😢

Is air slash a good move for Charizard?

Is it advisable to teach Charizard the move Air Slash?
Move for Charizard. Image source: Pinterest

The air slash as a move is not all that, the Charizard is better off using other moves. The moves like air splash are not as effective as Dragon Claw and Flamethrower.

Despite this, air slash can still be considered a good choice not ignoring factors such as the move effectiveness, specific battle format, and the rest of Pokémon’s move set.

You should also consider not using move tutor moves and the Scary Face effect.

How much damage can Charizard deal with an air slash move?

Is there value in incorporating Air Slash into Charizard's moveset?
Charizard. Image source: Pinterest

The air slash can inflict damage of up to 30% on the target causing it to flinch. In recent updates, the air slash power has been reduced to 10%.

This change also slows down the target’s action power speed. 😮 a Pokémon with the inner focus ability cannot be flinched.

In generation 4, the move can hit non-adjacent opponents in triple battle. The triple battle is a battle among 6 Pokémons in groups of three.‼

Which one is better wing attack or air slash?

The wing attack is better for Charizard in Pokémon Go, the go-to moves consist of a fast move and Blustman as charged moves.

The wing attacks contain the highest energy to allow the buildup of energy for powerful charged moves.

Is air slash a special move or physical?

Does teaching Charizard Air Slash prove to be worthwhile?
Air slash move. Image source: Pinterest

Air slash is not a physical move but a special move . This is because in battle, the higher your attack stat is the greater your power will be for physical moves while what empowers your special moves is the special attack stat.

The table below has been used to illustrate the type and power levels of an air slash.‼







Direct contact


Long range attacks


Note that updates and new downloads might cause the values to rise or fall.

I hope the information in this article, provides enough insight on whether Charizard should learn the slash technique.

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