Is Charizard in New Pokémon Snap? (Where do you find Charizard in New Pokémon Snap?)

Getting a snap of Charizard in the New Pokémon Snap is one of my favorite endeavors of the game😎. However, before you can enjoy the diamond rating for Charizard, you must navigate until you are at research level three to get this favorite character in Pokémon.

Let’s continue chatting to find out where to get Charizard and take some incredible snaps for your diamond rating.

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Where to find Charizard in New Pokémon Snap

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Charizard appears in Volcano research level three in the New Pokémon Snap. Once you unlock this level, you can find Charizard on a flight around the final chamber on a regular route, or you can hit the two Charmanders in the magma just before the blue lava area and then hit the Graveler into the magma to cause an explosion in the crater.

The blast will make Charizard come out. How cool is that 😇

How do you get Charizard in New Pokémon Snap?

finding Charizard in New Pokémon Snap?
Charizard in New Pokémon Snap. Image source: Pinterest

To get Charizard in the New Pokémon Snap, follow these simple steps

  • Go to the volcano 🌋level 2 and breeze through it until you have reached the crater route. On your right, you can see two Charmanders walking around the crater.
  • Hit both Charmanders using an Illumina orb so that you can prompt them to position themselves on either side of the lava in the middle of the crater.
  • While the two terminators are in position, look up, and you will see a Graveler hanging on a wall.
  • Hit that Graveler with a fluff root to prompt it to fall and cause an explosion in the crater.
  • After the explosion 💥, a Charizard will burst up from the crater and float in front of you while flames swirl around, and it will be roaring hard. You can now hit the Charizard while it is flying with the Illumina orb to snap your fast diamond rating.

How to get Diamond Stars for every rank for Charizard in New Pokémon Snap

Where do you find Charizard in New Pokémon Snap?
Diamond Stars. Image source: Pinterest
  • To get a one-star diamond rating, take a snap of Charizard while it is fighting Tyrantrum on its flight in the Magma Chamber. When Charizard bursts up from the crater and floats in front of you, flames will swirl around and roar. Once it completes roaring, hit it while it floats in front of you with an illuminated orb, and unload your camera while centering in the frame for an easy one-diamond rating 😋.
  • For a two-star diamond rating, follow the Charizard into the final area, where you will see it flying around. After it has made a few loops in the air, it will land and breathe fire near a Typhlosion. Once it has completed breathing fire 🔥, hit it with an illuminated orb. You can take your snap when it looks at you while approaching the exit.
  • You will snap Charizard while it is battling two Typhlosion to get the three diamond stars. You will release Charizard from the lava, and it notices the Typhlosion on the right; hit it with an Illumina orb and unleash your camera while zooming in for another relatively three diamond stars 🙂.
  • Finally, for the four-star rating, follow the one-star process for the last time on either level two or level three, but this time, make sure the Charizard is roaring. You will also use the Burst mode after you have followed the Red-Hot Energy steps, then hit it with Illumina orb and snap your pictures for the final four 💎diamond stars.

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