What is the shortest Pokemon? (what is the smallest Pokemon?)

The shortest Pokémon is Flabebe since it is 10 cm in height. It is also among the lightest Pokémon as it weighs 0.1 kg.

Since I started playing Pokémon, I have been paying attention to the types and abilities of these creatures. I recently came across a heated discussion online of players debating about the size of Pokémon.

🤔Some argued that bigger Pokémon are better, while others argued that smaller ones are more powerful.

This compelled me to create this post to inform you more about the sizes of Pokémon, including the smallest ones. Keep reading for more!

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Pokemon ranked from smallest to biggest in Pokemon Go?

Every Pokémon in Pokémon Go has a unique height and weight attribute. 😊Though the types of Pokémon are more important in the game, figuring out the actual size of Pokémon is interesting.

Since Pokémon Go has over a thousand Pokémon, it is not easy to rank all of them based on their size.

However, here is a list of some of the Pokémon ranked from smallest to biggest in this game.





0.1 m

0.1 kg


0.3 m

2.9 kgs


0.3 m

3.2 kgs


0.4 m

4.4 kgs


0.4 m

6 kgs


0.7 m

6.9 kgs


0.6 m

8.5 kgs


0.5 m

9.0 kgs



9.9 kgs


0.6 m

10 kgs



13 kgs


1.1 m



1.0 m

29.5 kgs



32 kg


1 m

65 kgs


1.7 m

90.5 kgs


1.8 m

92 kgs


1.8 m

93 kgs


2.0 m

100 kgs

Iron Boulder

1.5 m

162 kgs

Are smaller Pokemon less preferred to bigger Pokemon?

Are smaller Pokemon less preferred to bigger Pokemon?
Bigger Pokemon. Image source: Pinterest

Some people prefer bigger Pokémon while others prefer small ones. According to some players, smaller and lighter Pokémon are more powerful than heavier and larger ones.

On the other hand, some report the exact opposite. Despite the difference in opinion, it is possible to find the same type of Pokémon with a variety of heights and weights.

For instance, you can find two Pikachu’s in two different sizes.

👌Note that a small and lightweight Pokémon can be just as capable as a big and overweight one. The size of a Pokémon does not directly impact the battles or evolution.

Therefore, instead of focusing on the size of a Pokémon, you should focus more on its individual values.

These are hidden stats that are randomly generated when a certain Pokémon is hatched or when you catch a particular Pokémon.

IVS (Individual values) indicate how strong a Pokémon can be. By focusing on the Appraising option, you can check your Pokémon IV stats, potential, and how many stars it has.

What is the most powerful small Pokemon?

What is the most powerful small Pokemon?

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💪 Mew may be small, but you should not judge it based on its size since it is the most powerful in the Pokémon universe. This Pokémon has a height of 0.4 m and weighs 4.0 kg.

Though it may look like a cat, it is a mythical physic type that can master every move tutor, hidden machine, technical record, and technical machine move.

Since Mew’s stats are perfectly balanced, it is well rounded for every technique. This makes it a formidable opponent when it comes to battles.

It not only possesses super strength but also agility, speed and immortality.

This Pokémon can change its appearance and resemble any other Pokémon since its DNA possesses the genetic composition of every Pokémon species.

Though Mew is a fun-loving Pokémon, it is highly intelligent and depends more on its mental abilities rather than physical attacks.

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