Where to Find Silph Scope Pokémon in Fire Red (How to Catch Silph Scope in Fire Red)

You can find Silph Scope at Game Corner in Celadon City. Giovanni will drop it once you defeat him. Hunting for the Silph Scope in Pokémon Red is one of my most exciting experiences ❤.

The challenge is filled with surprises, and fighting your way through is thrilling.

I went to battle prepared with well-trained Pokémon and managed to defeat the formidable Giovanni. If you are stuck on getting the Silph Scope, read on to learn where you can find it and how to get one.

How do I get the Silph Scope in Pokémon Fire Red?

How do I get the Silph Scope in Pokémon Fire Red?
Silph Scope in Pokémon Fire Red. Image source: Pinterest

You can get the Silph Scope by defeating Giovanni in Game Corner, Celadon City. You need the Silph Scope to proceed to the Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town.

You must get past a few Rocket Grunts and solve a few puzzles to get to Giovanni 😐. When you reach Celadon City, proceed to the Game Corner, an orange building.

Access a poster from the back-right side of the building to encounter a guard Rocket Grunt. Initiate battle with him; it should be easy to defeat as his Pokémon are below level 20.

Once you have defeated him, flip a secret switch to reveal stairs. Use these stairs to go to basement four. In basement four, you will find another Rocket Grunt who you must defeat, after which he will drop the lift key.

Pick the lift key and use it to head back to B2F. Solve a puzzle and proceed to the lift in the southeast corner of the building.

Take the lift with red doors to get back to B4F after defeating the two grunts you encounter. Next, you can see Giovanni, ready to fight you.

Ensure you are well-rested before going up to him; once you defeat him, he will leave after dropping the Silph Scope 😊.

The table below summarizes the Pokémon from the Rocket Grunts you must fight to get to Giovanni.



Entry to Basement

Raticate, Zubate.

Basement 3F

Rattata, Drowzee,Raticate

Basement 4

Koffing level 21, Zubat level 21.

Red Door

Left Grunt (Ekans, Sandslash, Sandshrew)

Right Grunt (Sandshrew, Ekans, Arbok)

What to Do After Getting the Silph Scope

What to Do After Getting the Silph Scope
Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town. Image source: Pinterest

Once you get the Silph Scope, head to the Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town. You will encounter Pokémon disguised as Ghosts there.

The Silph Scope in your item collection will help you see these Pokémon. It also increases your chances of defeating Ghost Marowak.

How Do You Get Past the Ghost without a Silph Scope?

You can get past the Ghost using a Poke Doll. If you lose the battle at Game Corner and emerge without a Silph Scope, you can use the Poke Doll instead.

The Poke doll is known to help players escape when they encounter difficult situations. Before heading out to war, always have a Poke Doll with you.

To use the Poke Doll, go to the stairs leading to the final level in the Pokémon Tower. Once you encounter a Ghost, use the Poke Doll, and the Ghost will flee.

Do I Need the Silph Scope to Find Cubone?

Via Tenor

Yes, you need the Silph Scope to find Cubone since it also disguises itself as a ghost. The Silph Scope will help reveal the identity of the Cubone.

However, some players argue that there is another way to identify Cubone. Once you encounter a ghost, you can click on Pokémon stats.

When you head back to battle, you can see the ghost’s true identity 😎. The ghost may turn out to be a Cubone.

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