What Pokemon does Nemona use in the final battle? (What Pokemon does Nemona have?)

When I first encountered Nemona, she was very annoying and disappointing. She does not accept it when you say no to her but repeats the dialogue until you accept.

Interestingly, she has a friendly nature, especially when she becomes so excited when you win the battle. She has several Pokemon that she uses in her fight.

Perhaps you wonder what Pokemon Nemona uses in the final battle. Don’t worry. As a Pokemon enthusiast for years, I will help you know the Pokemon Nemona use in the final battle and how to beat Nemona in the last fight. Let’s get started.


What Pokemon does Nemona have?

Via tenor.

Nemona has ten Pokeballs, which we can assume is the number of Pokemon she has. Before her last battle, she has Lycanron, sliggoo, pawmo, and the starter shown to have previous forms to assume they are the newer Pokemon she raises.

In her last battle, Nemona has ten Pokemon, although the tenth is not known. Her final battle team of Pokemon includes Dudunsparce, Orthworm, Smoliv, Lechonk, Oinkologne, Arboliva, and Tauros, which is in the beginning sequence.

How do you beat Nemona for the last time?

What Pokemon  Nemona got
Nemona. Image source: Pinterest

💪 First, choose a strong team of Pokemon that would match Nemon’s strength. Having a team that matches her competitive spirit would enable you to compete better. You should then select from most to least but avoid many repeating types.

Secondly, think of the team she’d have in the game and negate them as choices. 🤔 Think carefully about the moves and the types that Nemona uses and find the best types and moves to counter her.

For example, she likes using the fighting type; You should counter it with a fighting type. To build the team, focus on thematic strongest instead of stat strongest 🏋️.

What level are Nemona’s Pokemon in the final battle?

Nemona’s Pokemon are all level 65 apart from the last Pokemon, which depends on the starter she chose at the beginning of the game.

Her starter choice is always weaker than your starter choice, so you will easily beat her to complete the victory road portion of the game. Let’s look at her party team level and type.





Level 65



Level 65



Level 65



Level 65



Level 65



Level 66

Grass/dark with grass Tera Type


Level 66

Fire/ghost with fire Tera Type


Level 66

Water/fighting with water Tera Type

What Pokemon should you use to counter Nemona in the final battle?

What Pokemon does Nemona have?
Counter Nemona in the final battle. Image source: Pinterest

A fighting type with strong physical moves will be the best Pokemon choice. Nemona’s team has half of the Pokemon weak to fighting types and ground types, so it would be easy to defeat her using the two types. The best fighting type Pokemon to use here would be Falinks because it has battle armor 🛡️ and close combat.

How do you champion Nemona in Scarlet?

You need to think 💭 about how to counter her team. Nemona begins with Lycanroc with ground and rock-type coverage, so you should come with fighting, grass, or steel type to counter it.

For Goodra, Gyarados should be able to counter it because it is a non-dragon-type, and has access to ice and dragon-type moves.

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