Is Pokémon Legends Celebi Real? (When Does Pokémon Legends Celebi Come Out?)

Unfortunately, Pokémon Legends: Celebi is not a real game 😢. I was stoked to see last year’s trailer, and like other fans, I thought Nintendo would soon release the sequel to Legends: Arceus. However, I later learned that the Celebi trailer wasn’t a real game.

Understandably, I was disappointed, but I still indulged my fantasy of a Johto-based open-world legendary sequel to Arceus.

I hope Nintendo uses this fan theory for their next game. Until then, here’s what you need to know about Pokémon Legends: Celebi…

What is Pokémon Legends Celebi?

What is Pokémon Legends Celebi?


Pokémon Legends: Celebi is a fanmade animation, and the brainchild of Yassi R. The animation is a concept for what a sequel to the fan-favorite Legends: Arceus game would look like. It borrows heavily from the game’s art style and applies the “Legends” concept to the Johto region.

Pokémon Legends: Celebi is based on the mythical Pokémon, Celebi. It explores the possibility of having a Johto-based Legends game that capitalizes on the nostalgia and popularity of the Johto region.

Like Arceus, Legends: Celebi would target an older audience who crave a higher difficulty and an older, nostalgic protagonist.

Speaking of which, here’s a table summarizing everything you need to know about Celebi 👇:


Psychic / Grass


Time Travel Pokémon


Natural Cure







Sp. Attack


Sp. Defense




When is Pokémon Legends Celebi coming out?

When is Pokémon Legends Celebi coming out?
Pokémon Legends Celebi. Image source: Pinterest

As mentioned, Pokémon Legends: Celebi isn’t a real game. Therefore, there is no known release date 📆, and much of what exists is speculative. Nevertheless, fans hope that Nintendo makes and releases the game soon.

Fans hope that Legends: Celebi would follow in Arceus’ footsteps, which gave them a glimpse into the Hisui Region 🤞.

The game offered new fighting mechanics, improved RPG elements, explorative freedom, immersive lore, and a challenge. Perhaps Nintendo will adopt Yassi R’s concept and finally give the fans what they want.

Why should Legends Celebi follow Arceus?

Arceus allowed fans to explore the Sinnoh region’s past and dig deeper into their beloved franchise, something Johto could benefit from.

Celebi’s time-traveling abilities would let players interact with this region’s past. For instance, they could visit the burned tower before it burned or see what the ruins of Alph looked like.

Is there a Legend: Arceus sequel?

Is there a Legend: Arceus sequel?
Legend: Arceus sequel. Image source: Pinterest

Unfortunately, Nintendo hasn’t released any news about a Legends: Arceus sequel. It’s no wonder fans are getting restless, and we’re seeing fanmade theories like Legends: Celebi.

However, Nintendo Switch players can enjoy Arceus and Detective Pikachu while they wait.

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