What Is the Weakest Pokémon in Pokémon Go? (Which Pokémon Is Not Worth Keeping in Pokémon Go?)

I have been playing Pokémon Go for a while now, and I have come to like the characters it presents. However, I have reservations regarding some characters whose performance I am unsatisfied with.

Having interacted with many characters, I realize some characters are not worth keeping. They have low combat power, low defense, and weak stamina.

If you are starting with Pokémon Go, knowing which characters are not worth keeping will save you a lot of time and effort.

So please stick with me as I reveal what you do not need.

Which Pokémon Is Not Worth Keeping in Pokémon Go?

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What is the weakest Pokémon type?  😩

Which Pokémon Is Not Worth Keeping in Pokémon Go?
Weakest Pokémon type. Image source: Pinterest

The bug Pokémon type is arguably the weakest Pokémon type. This Pokémon fairs poorly on the battlefield, and it is a waste of time and slot to include it in your team.

Bug Pokémons have poor offensive powers, making them almost useless on a battlefield since they can be resisted by many other Pokémons.

Bug Pokémon cannot be used in gyms, raids, and PVPs where offensive and defensive capabilities come in handy.

Moreover, bug Pokémon evolve poorly and do not adopt new powers when needed. Most reach their peak potential too soon, making them weak in later stages 😔.

Nevertheless, they are poor at learning punch moves. These moves are crucial in developing a robust offensive character against enemies.

Finally, bugs need secondary characters to strengthen them. This makes them a burden by taking up limited slots. These characteristics make bug Pokémon the weakest type and least desirable.

What Pokémon has the weakest attack? 👺

Are there Pokémon in Pokémon Go that are not worth keeping?
Weakest attack in the Pokémon Go. Image source: Pinterest

Shedinja is arguably the Pokémon with the weakest attack in the Pokémon Go series. The Pokémon has the lowest attack statistics and is considered ineffective by many on the battlefield.

The Pokémon has typical attack statistics compared to other Pokémon’s. This means that it is not strong enough to launch a strong attack.

Moreover, it only has one hit point, which ranks as the lowest among all other characters. This makes it a liability on the battlefield and unworthy of filling your limited slots.

In addition, Shedinja has the lowest overall stats, making it a weak link in your battlefield. You should probably leave this one out when choosing your next team 😵‍💫.

However, Shedinja has a unique defense power, the wonder guard, which enables it to resist almost all kinds of attacks.

This does not, however, change the fact that it has the weakest attack.

Shedinja statistics


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S.p Attack


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What Pokémon is the worst to have in Pokémon Go? 😮‍💨

Which Pokémon should you consider letting go of in Pokémon Go?
Pachirisu. Image source: Pinterest

Pachirisu takes the place of the worst Pokémon you could get in the Pokémon Go franchise. This Pokémon has below-standard statistics and will surely disappoint you in combat operations.

First, it has the lowest combat power (CP) of 1213, an excellent indicator of a Pokémon’s ability to perform. In addition, it has a dismal attack of 94 and a defense of 172, which rank pretty low in the hierarchy.

Its stamina is also low at 155. These traits make Pachirisu the worst character to take on a mission in Pokémon Go 😤.

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