Can Shadow Pokémon Mega Evolve? (Why Can’t You Mega Evolve a Shadow Pokémon?)

I hope to see a mega-evolved Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon Go soon ūüėä. However, currently, I’m content with having the Shadow forms lurking around. Like many trainers, I like these mons and their dark backstories.

Unfortunately, their inability to mega-evolve is a huge drawback for me ūüėě and is the only reason I purify them.

Here’s what you need to know about Shadow Pokemon and mega evolution.

Why can’t you mega-evolve a Shadow Pok√©mon?

Can Mega Evolution be achieved by Shadow Pokémon?
Mega-evolve a Shadow Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

There isn’t an in-game explanation for why Shadow Pokemon don’t mega evolve. However, most fans agree that the mega-evolving Shadow Pokemon contradicts the Pokemon lore ūü§Ē.

Shadow Pokemon are kidnapped and tortured Pokemon. They’re created by removing their emotions, which prevents them from bonding with their trainers.

In Pokemon Go, these Pokemon draw their strength from their hatred towards their trainers. On the other hand, mega evolution is a temporary evolution that boosts your Pokemon’s power.

It’s an essential part of the Pokemon lore and relies on a bond between the Pokemon and the trainer.

In Pokemon Go, mega evolution relies on mega energy, which varies from one Pokemon to another.

Here’s a table summarizing these requirements ūüĎá:





















Since Shadow Pokemon don’t bond with their trainers, they cannot mega evolve. Other players suggest this limit exists to ensure gameplay balance.

They argue that mega-evolved Shadow Pokemon would be overpowered.

Should you purify Shadow Pokémon to Mega Evolve?

Why Can’t You Mega Evolve a Shadow Pokémon?
Purify Shadow Pokémon to Mega Evolve. Image source: Pinterest

Yes, you should purify Pokemon with the ability to mega evolve. Purification is a process that turns Shadow Pokemon into normal ones.

This process replaces the charged move “Frustration” with “Return,” which can be replaced with another of your choice.

Purified Pokemon are free from Team Rocket’s grip and cost less to evolve and unlock moves.

Is it better to purify a Shadow Pokemon or leave it as is?


Yes. It’s better to purify Shadow Pokemon. It’s worth noting, however, that this decision is personal since both types of Pokemon have their advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and cons of Shadow Pokémon

Is it possible for Shadow Pokémon to undergo Mega Evolution?
Shadow Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

As mentioned, Shadow Pokemon have been stripped of their capacity for love and loyalty. They’re fighting machines who attack without hesitation. This gives them inherent advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Shadow Pokemon have a 20% attack boost.
  2. They look better than regular Pokemon.


  1. They have a 20% reduction in defense stats.
  2. They cost more to power up and evolve.
  3. They cost more to teach new moves.
  4. They don’t differ significantly in strength from regular Pokemon.

Pros and cons of Purified Pokemon

Do Shadow Pokémon have the capability to Mega Evolve?
Purified Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

Like their Shadow counterparts, Purified Pokemon have pros and cons.


  1. They cost less to level up and evolve.
  2. They cost less to teach a new move.
  3. You have a higher chance of reaching 100% IV.


  1. The purification process is costly.
  2. They don’t look as good as Shadow Pokemon.

Evidently, Purified Pokemon are advantageous in terms of resources. They are easier to evolve and power up. Additionally, you can mega-evolve Purified Pokemon.

Therefore, it’s better to purify a Shadow Pok√©mon.

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