What Happened To Fairy Type Pokémon? (Why Did They Discontinue Fairy Pokémon? 😭)

Despite their short stay, I enjoyed playing with Fairy-type Pokémon until they were discontinued recently. Being the first addition to the Pokémon franchise in over a decade, my friends and I were eager to explore new characters in the game until the journey was cut short 😢.

Or they were meant to be just a fairy tale 😂. Fairy-type Pokémon stopped being supported by the TCG since the expansion on Sword & Shield, and they are now grouped with the Psychic Pokémon type.

If you are wondering if they will ever return, allow me to clarify this on this piece.

Why Did They Discontinue Fairy Pokémon?

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Why did they discontinue Fairy Pokémon?  😭

Why did they discontinue Fairy Pokémon?
Why did they discontinue Fairy Pokémon? Image source: Pinterest

Fairy Pokémon were discontinued completely since the sword and shield era and are no longer supported by the TCG. These Pokémon were replaced with the Psychic type Pokémon in Pokémon TCG.

There was no official reason from the developers as to why Fairy Pokémon was removed from the franchise 😏.

However, it is widely assumed that the reason for the discontinuation of Fairy Pokémon was to ensure balance in the game for better and seamless play.

With fewer types participating in the sword and shield era, balancing the characters better and ensuring that the games are played smoothly is possible.

The introduction of fairy Pokémon in the XY series increased the number of Pokémon types, which made the games crowded and complicated. Axing Fairy Pokémon worked to solve the issue.

Moreover, fairy Pokémon were removed to introduce a change in resistance and weaknesses among Pokémon.

The match-ups for different Pokémon are now realigned from the sword and shield era. For example, Psychic-type cards are no longer weak against fairy types but weak against dark types.

Despite their discontinuation, fairy-type Pokémon cards will still be available and remain usable in legal tournaments for now 😊.

These changes have altered how gamers interact with Pokémon cards and games.

Are Fairy Pokémon Coming Back to the Pokémon TCG?

Are Fairy Pokémon Coming Back to the Pokémon TCG?
Fairy Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

Fairy Pokémon are no longer available in the TCG since the sword and shield type was introduced 😞. Removing fairy Pokémon from the franchise is permanent, and their return is impossible.

For this reason, fairy Pokémon will not be back in TCG, and the developer has not given hints on their return.

When fairy Pokémon were discontinued, no reason was given for this, and no hope for their return was delivered. Instead, all fairy Pokémon were transformed into Psychic Pokémon.

Moreover, removing fairy Pokémon has brought a new balance to the game and made navigation easier; hence, its return would mean distorting the game and realigning character match-ups.

In addition, TCG will no longer be able to support fairy Pokémon 😢. Players can only view fairy Pokémon in Psychic Pokémon.

Despite not being available again and with no hope for a return, fairy Pokémon cards will still be available for tournaments 😊.

Did discontinuing fairy Pokémon affect the Pokémon games?

Did discontinuing fairy Pokémon affect the Pokémon games?
Fairy Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

The removal of Fairy Pokémon from the franchise affected the games in different ways, including the manner of play and character interaction.

First of all, the removal of the fairy types introduced a new rebalancing of powers between characters. Characters that were previously match-ups no longer match up.

For instance, Water-type cards, which were weak to Grass-type cards, will now be invalid to Electric-type cards, while Dark-type cards are now strong against Psychic-type cards.

These changes changed how Pokémon games are played since old powers were not working on their previous victims🤬.

Moreover, discontinuing fairy Pokémon affected Pokémon games since old Pokémon were transformed into new forms.

For instance, poison Pokémon are represented by dark ones, while psychic Pokémon now represent fairy Pokémon.

This led to changes in how games are played since character representation changed.

Changes in characters after fairy Pokémon were discontinued

Old Pokémon

New representation

Fairy Pokémon

Psychic Pokémon

Poison Pokémon

Dark Pokémon



Plain-old Psychic-type




Pure Normal-type 


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