Is Shiny Sprigatito in Pokémon Go? (Is Shiny Sprigatito locked?)

No, it isn’t🙅‍♂️. Shiny Sprigatito is only available in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet but has not been brought to Pokémon Go.

The joy of having my favorite Pokémon in the mobile game is unmatched. I’m not ashamed to say I was among the fans who were ecstatic when Niantic brought all the starter Pokémon from Scarlet and Violet to Pokémon Go. Shiny Sprigatito, however, did not cut it, and it isn’t clear when, if ever, it will be added to the game☹️.

So, let’s talk more about Shiny Sprigatito and whether or not it is locked.

Is Shiny Sprigatito locked?

Is Shiny Sprigatito locked?
Shiny Sprigatito. Image source: Pinterest

When playing Pokémon Sun and Moon, I realized I couldn’t get a shiny Pokémon, even after soft resetting, because they were shiny locked.

I also figured the same with Pokémon Sprigatito in Scarlet and Violet. Though the constant soft reset borrowed from the gaming experience, it’s a bummer that the chance at a shiny starter has been cut off.

It is possible to breed a shiny Sprigatito in the game, but the same does not extend to Pokémon Go.

Shiny Sprigatito is not the only locked Pokémon from the Pladea region. Fuecoco and Quaxly are also shiny-locked.

Shiny-locked Pladea starter Pokémon

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How to get the shiny Sprigatito in Pokémon Go

How to get the shiny Sprigatito in Pokémon Go
Shiny Sprigatito in Pokémon Go. Image source: Pinterest

Getting a shiny Sprigatito in Pokémon Go is currently an impossibility. Niantic has not announced plans to introduce the shiny Pokémon or its shiny evolutions in the mobile game.

However, if there is one thing Pokémon fans are known for, it is patience😩. Starter Pokémon debuted in Pokémon Go on a Community Day event, so shiny variants could also be introduced on Community Days, but that is just my assumption.

Since Niantic has not hosted Community Days for Galarian and Kalos starters, hoping for one for a Paldean starter might be a stretch. However, the franchise continues to grow every day.

So, though it might take forever, I can bet on my favorite Pokémon👌 that we will eventually get a shiny Sprigatito in Pokémon Go.

How rare is a Shiny Sprigatito?


Shiny Sprigatito, just like all shiny Pokémon, is extremely rare. There is always only a 1 in 4096 chance that a player encounters a shiny Pokémon.

Though there are zero chances of getting a shiny Sprigatito in Pokémon Go, the odds of coming across one in Scarlet and Violet are promising. But just a little.

One of my friends bred a shiny Sprigatito after hatching only 30 eggs. I thought I would be as lucky, but I hatched over 2,000 eggs and still did not get one.

Some people even hatch 1,000 eggs without landing any shiny Pokémon. I’ve heard fellow fans reveal different strategies of getting shiny Pokemon, but none worked for me.

Shiny hunting is like a gamble, and landing a shiny Sprigatito is like hitting a jackpot. Is it tiresome? Absolutely💯.

Is it worth it? Eventually😊.

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