What Is the Overworld Feature in Pokémon Go? (What Is Special Overworld Encounters?)

Since I started playing Pokémon over a decade ago, I have loved interacting with opponents from overworld and non-overworld encounters 🖤.

To put things straight, the overworld feature in Pokémon Go allows you to spot shiny Pokémon encounters in the open world and identify them before an encounter in battle.

You can see them from afar and decide whether you will engage them in combat. This feature allows you to avoid unnecessary encounters in war.

Following my success, I thought I should share my experience. If you are new to the overworld feature, stay with me as we explore this topic.

What Is Special Overworld Encounters?


What is the difference between overworld and non-overworld Pokémon? 🤔 👺

difference between overworld and non-overworld Pokémon
Overworld and non-overworld Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

The difference between overworld and non-overworld Pokemon lies in their visibility during battles. Overworld Pokemon are Pokemon that are visible in the physical and seen walking on the battlefield.

At the same time, non-overworld Pokemon are usually hidden in the grass and only revealed when you engage them in battle 🔫.

Overworld Pokemon gives you the ability to choose whether to engage with them in battle or move around them.

On the other hand, you only encounter non-overworld Pokemon unexpectedly once it detects you. You will only see an exclamation mark instead of the real Pokemon until you engage in battle.

Their attacks are also random. ❌

Overworld Pokemon

Non-overworld Pokemon

Visible from the distance

Cannot be seen from the distance

You can choose to engage them

They attack unexpectedly

They do not have an exclamation mark

They appear as an exclamation mark

What are special overworld encounters?

What are special overworld encounters?
Special overworld encounters. Image source: Pinterest

Special overworld encounters involve overworld Pokemon, whereby the Pokemon manifests on the battlefield like other overworld Pokemon.

In special overworld encounters, Pokemon manifests in the physical; once you defeat them in battle 🔫, they are not revealed again until the next day.

The Pokemon reset and respawn at midnight. Special encounters in Pokemon refer to side quests that require a Pokemon to complete specific tasks in battle and get rewarded.

Do Pokémon appear shiny in the overworld Pokémon Go?

Do Pokémon appear shiny in the overworld Pokémon Go?
Overworld Pokémon Go. Image source: Pinterest

Overworld encounters allow one to spot the Pokemon before encountering them. In Pokemon Go, Pokemon do not appear shiny in the overworld.

Some mainline games have enabled shiny Pokemon encounters, but Pokemon Go still needs to.

Shiny Pokemon are rare, and you will not easily spot them even in the overworld. To identify a shiny Pokemon, you must capture it and check if it displays alternate colors in battle and post-battle.

Does Pokémon BDSP have overworld Pokémon?

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl (BDSP) ✨ are features whereby players can see multiple Pokemon within a specific battle.

This means that in Pokemon BDSP, Pokemon are displayed in the overworld for players to be able to see them.

Players can catch overworld Pokémon from the underground. Moreover, in BDSP, multiple Pokemon can appear at the exact location.

Where is the overworld in Pokemon Scarlet? 🟥

Where is the overworld in Pokemon Scarlet?
Overworld in Pokemon Scarlet. Image source: Pinterest

Pokemon Scarlet comes with overworld Pokemon, which you can see and engage on the battlefield.

In Pokemon Scarlet, overworld Pokemon are located right there, and you do not need to move to a separate battle screen to battle them 🔫.

Pokemon Scarlet has particular Pokemon, like Paradox Pokemon, located in Area Zero. This area is within the Great Crater of Paldea region.

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