Can you get Charmander in Pokemon Scarlet? (does Charmander exist naturally in Pokemon Scarlet?)

Since I began being interested in Pokemon, Charmander has been among the most sort and popular Pokemon. You may be wondering whether someone can get Charmander in Pokemon Scarlet.

Yes indeed! Charmander can be obtained in Pokemon Scarlet, although it’s more complicated a task than you would think. I have gotten the Charmander, and I can tell you that he does not exist naturally.

The Charmander has to be bred for one to obtain him.

If you want to know more about the Charmander, continue reading to learn more about him.

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Can Charmander spawn naturally in Pokemon Scarlet?

Absolutely! If you use a Ditto and a Charizard or breed a Pokémon from the same egg group as a Charizard with a Charizard itself, you can bear a Charmander in Pokémon Scarlet.

Eventually, this will enable you to produce Charmanders, who have the potential to evolve into Charizards. Thus, if the Pokemon are not in the same egg group, they cannot breed💔.

Using ditto is the best way to ensure you receive a Charmander during the breeding procedure.

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How do you get a Charmander in Pokemon Scarlet?

does Charmander exist naturally in Pokemon Scarlet?
Charmander in Pokemon Scarlet. Image source: Pokemon

There are two guaranteed steps to getting a Charmander in Pokemon Scarlet.

Finishing the 7-star event Charizard raid is the first step players should take in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet to begin breeding Charmanders.

Players would have needed to form a group with other players to complete this challenging mission. Fairy or Ice Pokemon are the most effective against strong dragon types, such as the Charizard.

The next step for players is to find a suitable Pokemon to breed with after they have defeated and captured this Charizard.

If players are fortunate enough to capture a female Charizard, all they will need is a male Pokemon from the same group so they can go on a picnic.

Charizard is a member of the monster and dragon egg groups. The egg groups must be compatible for practical breeding to get a Charmander.

Below is a list of compatible Pokemon and their groups: These Pokemon are in the Monster Egg group.





Grass poison






Rain Dish


Dragon Ground

Sand Veil

Rough skin.




Poisson point



Can you hatch Charmander in Pokemon Scarlet?

Yes, you can hatch a chamander in Pokemon Scarlet. After capturing the Charizard, you must set up a party🥳.

All Pokemon in the party should be eliminated, except for Charizard and any compatible species. Sandwiches such as the jam sandwich that gives the Egg Power meal effect should be available for the picnic.

After completing this task and feeding their two Pokemon, players only need to stroll around and watch the basket at the picnic table until they have obtained as many eggs as they desire.

How do you evolve Charmander in Scarlet?

Can Charmander be encountered naturally in Pokémon Scarlet?
Charmander in Scarlet. Image source: Pinterest

Once your baby Charmander reaches level 16, you can use Rare Candies to help it evolve into a Charmeleon . After developing into a chameleon, let it fight alone in the world.

However, you must keep an eye on its HP. Allowing it to fight in the world enables it to get some experience, thus evolving.

They will then develop into Charizard at level 36😌.

Can you breed Charmander with Ditto Scarlet?

Is Charmander found in the wild in Pokémon Scarlet?
Breed Charmander with Ditto Scarlet. Image source: Pinterest

Yes. One of the most guaranteed💯 ways of breeding a Charmander is using the Ditto Scarlet. The guarantee is because Ditto always imitates the opposite parent Pokémon.

Therefore, you may be sure to obtain an offspring of the Pokemon Ditto was breeding with. Therefore, if a Ditto were mating with a Charizard, you would get a Charmander.🏆

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