Can you play Pokémon Red on Switch? (Can you play original Pokémon Red on Switch?)

❤️Pokémon Red was one of the games that I enjoyed playing back in the 90s. When the Nintendo Switch console was introduced, I was eager to find out whether I could play such Pokémon classics on it.

I did some research and discovered that Switch mostly supports new Pokémon games. 😕This was a bit disappointing because I felt that even though there is nothing wrong with creating new adventures for gamers, developers should help preserve history.

Today, I will share whether you can play Pokémon Red on Switch if there is a Pokémon Red remake for Switch and more!

Can you play the original Pokémon Red on Switch?

Is it possible to play the original Pokémon Red on the Nintendo Switch?
Original Pokémon Red. Image source: Pinterest

No. Though the Nintendo Switch is a popular gaming console with thousands of games, it does not have the original Pokémon Red game .

The Nintendo Switch, which was launched in 2017, does not natively support playing this old Pokémon game. If you wish to play the original Pokémon Red, you have to own an older console.

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Most Pokémon fans, however, are hoping that the original Pokémon Red will become Switch-compatible someday.

If the original Pokémon Red could be introduced to Nintendo Switch online, it could make it easy for gamers to battle and trade in the Gen 1 era. 👌It would be the perfect opportunity for those who missed out on the chance to play the game back in the 90s to finally do so on Switch.

Here are more details regarding Pokémon Red.

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Is there a Pokémon Red remake for Switch?

Can you enjoy the classic Pokémon Red on the Nintendo Switch console?
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😓No. The remake of Pokémon Red, known as Pokémon FireRed, is not available on Nintendo Switch. This game was released for the Game Boy Advance back in 2004.

Since Nintendo left out all the Game Boy Advance Pokémon games, you will not be able to revisit the Pokémon FireRed red remake or other games like Pokémon Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, or Ruby on Switch.

The Pokémon Company and Nintendo seem to be focusing more on new Pokémon Experiences and have less interest in revisiting such titles.

What device can you play Pokémon red on?

Can you play original Pokémon Red on Switch?
Pokémon red. Image source: Pinterest

You could play Pokémon Red on the Nintendo 3Ds Virtual Console. The Pokémon Red game was released in Japan on the Nintendo 3D Virtual Console service on the Nintendo eShop.

Note that it was possible for gamers to buy and download Pokémon Red from the Nintendo 3Ds eshop until March 27, 2023.

It was released as an emulated version of the original Pokémon Red to commemorate the Pokémon franchise’s 20th anniversary.

When Pokémon Red was available through Nintendo 3Ds Virtual Console, it was compatible with wireless communication.

Unlike in the days of the Game Boy when gamers relied on Link Cable to connect with others, Pokémon Red used the wireless capabilities of the Nintendo 3D system to help you battle and trade in the same way.

Players believe that with the closure of the Nintendo e-shop, Nintendo will provide a way for them to continue enjoying Pokémon Red.

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