How to Make High-Level Pokémon Obey You (How Do You Make High-Level Pokémon to Obey You?)

When I was a novice in the Pokémon World, I often obsessed over trying to complete my Pokédex. As a result, I traded Pokémon with friends often without paying much attention to the traded Pokémon’s levels. I noticed some of these Pokémon would be rebellious, ignoring my orders.

At first, I thought it was a glitch in the game😖. With time, I understood that traded Pokémon disobeyed their trainers if the latter failed to meet badge requirements for obedience levels😔.

To avoid the frustrations of errant Pokémon, join me in learning what it takes to make high-level Pokémon obey you:

How Do You Make High-Level Pokémon to Obey You?

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How does Pokémon Obedience Work?

How does Pokémon Obedience Work?
Pokémon Obedience. Image source: Pinterest

In the Pokémon world, obedience occurs when a Pokémon is willing to do as their trainer instructs them. Under normal circumstances, a Pokémon would typically obey their trainers ☺.

However, there are instances where this may not be the case, mainly because the Pokémon has no respect for its trainer. Expectedly, disobedience has its consequences.

Aside from ignoring commands, the errant Pokémon could choose to go to sleep 😴at will, and it could act in a manner that causes them enough confusion to hurt themselves.

They also could start loafing around, execute a different move from what the trainer instructed, and pretend they did not notice the instructions received.

In Generation V onward, these Pokémon hardly ever attack, even when the trainer instructs them.

obedience in the Pokémon world

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Why do High-Level Pokémon Refuse to Obey?

High-Level Pokémon refuse to obey the player’s or trainer’s commands if that Pokémon is of a higher level than the player and the latter lacks the requisite badge, number of badges, and stamps.

More specifically, the player should have a stamp upon their participation in the Island Challenge Competition.

Notably, this depends on which Pokémon games the player is playing. In Generations I to VII as well as Shining Pearl, Sword, Brilliant Diamond, and Shield, the only Pokémon that can disobey their trainer are outsider Pokémon or those that have been traded.

In more recent versions like Scarlet and Violet and Legends: Arceus, both the traded and non-outsider Pokémon can disobey a player.

However, that would depend on what the Pokémon’s level was when the player caught them. The Pokémon will remain obedient to their trainer even when they exceed the obedience level if the player or trainer caught them when the Pokémon was at the same level with them or lower.

How to Make High-Level Pokémon Obey You

How to Make High-Level Pokémon Obey You
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To make high-level Pokémon obey you, you need to obtain the required gym badges, which you can acquire once you have defeated a gym leader 💪.

For instance, there are eight gyms in the Paldea region: Medali, Cascarrafa, Cortondo, Alfornada, Montenevera, Glaseado, Levincia, and Artazon gyms. Each of these gyms has a gym leader.

The gym badges you could earn upon defeating the gym leaders for the respective gyms are the Normal, Water, Bug, Psychic, Ghost, Ice, Electric, and Grass badges.

Besides the Paldea League, a player can earn more badges in the following leagues: Indigo, Johto, Hoenn, Galar, Kalos, Unova, and Sinnoh.

The table below summarizes the various obedience levels and the number of Pokémon badges to earn for each level limit:

Maximum Levels:

Number of Pokémon Badges:

Level 10

0 badges

Level 30

2 badges

Level 50

4 badges

Level 70

6 badges

Level 100

8 badges

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