Can Charizard Make Eggs? (Can Charizard Lay Eggs?)

Recently, I got into a squabble with one of my gaming friends over my love for the Charizard Pokemon – sounds trivial.

However, if you are into Pokemon, you’d understand why this is sort of a big deal 😎.

They, like many others I’ve found online, cannot understand why a Charizard would be anyone’s favorite, seeing that it is a starter Pokemon.

But it is for this exact reason, it being a starter Pokemon, that I love the Charizard Pokemon.

A Charizard will give you several options since you can breed it, and, it undergoes three major evolutions. Didn’t think about that, right?

Let’s chat a bit about one of my favorite features of Charizard – its egg-making abilities.

Can Charizard make eggs?

Can Charizard make eggs? Image source: Pinterest

✔️ Yes, Charizard can make eggs when you breed them with a compatible species to create an even more powerful Pokemon species.

A female Charizard will lay eggs 🪺 when bred with a Pokemon from the same egg group, with a male Charizard, or with a Ditto.

How do you make Charizard eggs?

Can Charizard Lay Eggs?
Charizard eggs. Image source: Pinterest

The first step to making Charizard eggs is to complete a 7-star Terra Raid where you will capture the Charizard Pokemon – male or female.

The chances are always higher that you will capture a male Charizard. You could, however, be lucky and capture a female Charizard.

Next, you have to find a compatible Pokemon to breed with the Charizard for it to lay eggs. It could be a Pokemon from the same egg group as the Charizard or a Ditto.

🗺️ You can capture a Ditto in Cascarraffa, Porto, Marinda, or in the Medali area. While in these areas, press the Y button to find their exact location from the map since they can be difficult to identify.

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Once you have the two breeding parents, remove all other Pokemon from the party to remain with these two. Setup a picnic for the breeding Pokemons and feed them with an Egg Power meal effect sandwich 🥪.

The sandwich will enable the female Charizard to make and lay eggs. After the meal, the Charizard will start to lay eggs.

All you have to do now is to walk around the picnic area and collect as many eggs as you would like.

When breeding with a Ditto, the process is more or less the same. The only difference is, that once you set up the picnic, you will feed the breeding Pokemons with a jam sandwich.

The Charizard will start to lay eggs which you can find in the basket at the end of the picnic table. Collect as many as you would like.

What is Charizard egg group?

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🥚 A Charizard is a dragon-looking, fire-breathing Pokemon that belongs to the Monster and Dragon Egg group.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the Charizard Pokemon;


Charizard (#006)



Egg Group

Monster and Dragon

Gender Ratio

87.5% Male

12.5% Female


Mega Charizard X

Mega Charizard Y

Gigantamax Charizard

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