How Long Does a Charizard Live? (What Is the Lifespan of a Charizard?)

I have interacted with different Pokemon over the years, but Charizards remains my favorite. They were the first Pokemon I ever interacted with, and it was love at first sight ❤.

I couldn’t wait to introduce my sons to the game when they were old enough. My youngest is the most curious and does not want their Charizard to die.

He keeps asking how long it lives and how he can prevent its death.

So, let’s dive into a Charizard’s lifespan and why it dies when its tail goes off.

Does Charizard Die If Its Tail Goes Out?

What duration can one expect for the lifespan of a Charizard?
Charizard. Image source: Pinterest

Yes, if a Charizard’s tail goes off, it dies, too. The tip of the Charizard’s tail has a blazing flame 🔥. This flame is a representation of the Pokemon’s life force.

The fire burns brightest when the Charizard is strong and healthy. When it’s happy, the flame wavers and blazes when agitated.

On the other hand, for a weak, tired, or dying Charizard, the flame is dim and dying. If the flame goes completely off and does not reignite, its heart stops and dies.

The table below summarizes the lifespan of a Charizard throughout its evolution.




10-20 years


8-10 years


150-200 years

Why Does Charmander Die if His Flame Goes Out?

What is the average lifespan of a Charizard?
Charmander Flame. Image source: Pinterest

A Charmander dies if his flame goes out because the flame represents its life force. Without the flame, there is no life for the Charmander.

It sources its energy and vitality from the flame. This is evident in how the flame weakens when the Charmander is hurt or dying.

The flame also turns to sizzle when they enter the water, and we all know Charmanders are weak against the water 🌊.

A Charmander’s flame is what breath is to us. Once we stop breathing, then we are dead. Similarly, once the flame goes off, the Charmander is dead, too.

What Can Kill a Charizard?

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Rock, Water, and Ground Pokemon types can kill a Charizard. Although Charizards have the fastest and strongest attacks of all the starter Pokemon, they still show some weakness against certain other types.

If you are up against Gym Leader Brock, using something different than your Charizard is best.

However, if you are an adept player, you can go against the water types, as older Charizards may survive their attacks.

You may use your Charizard’s speed and agility to your advantage during the attacks.

How long does a Charizard Live?

Pokemon enthusiasts believe that a Charizard can live for up to 200 years. However, the longest most ever live is up to 150 years of age.

Does water kill a Charizard?

How long does a Charizard typically live?
Does water kill a Charizard? Image source: Pinterest

It is unlikely that water will kill a grown Charizard. It has survived many battles and has gained some immunity against water.

However, water will cause a Charizard’s tail to sizzle. If the Charizard is weak, it may lead to death.

Does Charmander Die Faster Than Charizard?

Yes, a Charmander has less tolerance compared to a Charizard. Being the Charizard’s predecessor, it is less equipped to withstand specific attacks.

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