What is the best hidden ability in Pokemon Scarlet? (how rare are hidden abilities in Pokemon Scarlet?)

If you are a big fan of Pokemon Raid like me, then I think you know the magic that comes with the hidden abilities in Pokemon Scarlet.

You’ll realize that without using the hidden ability, the performance of a Pokemon is poor because it does not exploit its full potential.

You might be wondering what the best hidden ability in Pokemon Scarlet is. Well, I got you.

Being a Pokemon enthusiast for years, I’ll help you know the best hidden ability, and the most powerful hidden ability in Pokemon Scarlet.

Let’s get into it.

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How rare are hidden abilities in Pokemon Scarlet?

Pokémon Scarlet best hidden ability
Hidden abilities in Pokemon Scarlet. Image source: Pinterest

Hidden abilities in Pokemon Scarlet are very rare because you have to raid to get them. Pokemon Scarlet does not make it obvious where to get them.

You can simply get the hidden abilities in Pokemon Scarlet if you know where to find them. 😥 Sadly, some hidden abilities are more commanding than the regular Pokemon ability.

For example, Starter Pokemon Skeledirge and Quaquaval are more commanding than their normal abilities.

Despite being rare, you can get Pokemon with hidden abilities through farming Tera Raid fights, basically the 6-star Tera raid fight.

All the Pokemon in the 6-star raid have hidden abilities; either you win and catch a Pokemon with the hidden ability, or you lose and get rewarded 🎁.


Which Pokemon has the most powerful hidden ability in Pokemon Scarlet?

the rarity of hidden abilities in Pokémon Scarlet
Incineroar intimidate. Image source: Pinterest

Incineroar intimidate has the most influential hidden ability. It has an unbelievable attacking power and all the tools it needs to use, so it can weaken its opponent when it reaches its optimum.

Intimidate reduces the attacking stat of all the opponent Pokemon when it gets into the field, and therefore, the opponent cannot fight 🤼‍♂️ as hard.

The fact that it nullifies the opponent’s ability to fight it gives it staying power, making it the mainstay for years.

Five Powerful Hidden Abilities in Pokemon Scarlet

Pokemon Scarlet-the top hidden ability
Powerful Hidden Abilities. Image source: Pinterest

Different hidden abilities boost the power of the Pokemon differently to make it better and require a specific set of scenarios to reach.

They make the Pokemon stronger 💪 than its regular ability by rewarding effort. Let’s look at the five powerful hidden abilities in Pokemon Scarlet and their effects.

Hidden ability

Effect on Pokemon Scarlet.

Scrappy for Hisuian Decidueye.

It makes the regular and fighting-type moves land on the ghost type.

Tinted lens Hisuian Breviary.

Increases the attack stat by two stages when one of its stat is decreased, making it a strong opponent to the intimidate-using Pokemon.

Rocky Payload.

Give the flying/dark duel-type Pokemon a three-type attack bonus, making it unique. It also boosts your rock-type power moves by 50%.

Rock Head for Hisuian Arcanine.

It loses the recoil drawback of a Pokemon, making it resistant to recoil from moves.


It increases the strength of slicing moves by 50%. Pokemon that receive this ability have access to few moves that are affected by the boost.

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