What Pokémon can put others to sleep? (What moves put the opponent to sleep?)

If I am being honest, I have a love-hate relationship with sleep 😴, and I think most Pokémon would agree with me.

Ever since I began my journey into the Pokémon game, I quickly discovered the usefulness of sleep moves when dodging my opponents.

Unfortunately, being on the receiving end was the worst – my chosen Pokémon could not wake up or do anything useful before its sleep cycle was over 😤.

In light of this, here are the lessons I learned about sleep moves.

What moves put the opponent to sleep?

In terms of moves, there are many more options you can explore, but you need to bear in mind that they vary in their effectiveness and the opponents they affect

What moves put the opponent to sleep?

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The moves are grouped into three categories: Standard moves, Attacking moves with extra effects, and Abilities. They are:

  • Standard moves: With these moves, you can inflict status sleep only. The 100% accurate standard moves are Lovely Kiss, Rest, Spore, Sing, Hypnosis, Dark Void, Psycho Shift, Sleep Powder, and Yawn, and they are the most effective because they can target all opponents🤩. Other moves depending on effectiveness are the G-Max Snooze (50% accurate) and the G-Max Befuddle (33.3% accurate).
  • Attack moves with extra effects: There are only two options here – Secret Power (which is 30% accurate) and Relic Song (with a 10% accuracy).
  • Abilities: There is one option you can use – Effect Spores (with 10% accuracy).

Each sleep move can be useful in certain settings and on certain opponents. It is worth remembering that the less accurate a move is, the more likely that some opponents are immune to it – or the opponent must be in a specific position or biome for it to work🙃.

To illustrate this better, here is a table summarizing the moves and their effects:

Sleep Move


Which Pokémon can learn it



Mushroom and Grass types

Sleep Powder


Many Grass types

Lovely Kiss


Jynx Pokémon






Most Pokémon types



Psychic Pokémon

Dark Void


Darkai Pokémon

Psycho Shift





Most Pokémon types

G-Max Snooze


Grimmsnarl Pokémon

G-Max Befuddle


Butterfree Pokémon

Secret Power


Most Pokémon types

Relic Song


Meloetta Pokémon (A type of psychic Pokémon)

Effect Spores


Most grass and mushroom Pokémon

What Pokémon has the best sleep moves?

the moves that put the opponent to sleep
Amoongus. Image source: Pokemon

While the answer varies according to which moves you use, the overall best Pokémon to use are Amoongus because it guarantees spore moves, Butterfree because it has almost perfect accuracy, and the mushroom Pokémon types such as Foongus and Shroomish.

Other Pokémon that you should utilize include the Seel and Jigglypuff because of their ability to learn the Rest move, Audino because it is among the only ones that can learn the Secret Power move, and Darkai because it is the only Pokémon that can master the Dark Void move🧙.

How do you get sleep-inducing moves in Pokémon?

What moves put the opponent to sleep?
Pokémon game. Image source: Pokemon

Some of the useful ways to get sleep-inducing moves are to go for ralts during the earlier stages of the game such as in the dazzling caves, fountain spring, and stargleam.

As you advance in the game, keep an eye out for them in the jubilife zone.

Additionally, the great marsh also has several mushroom Pokémon types, particularly shroomish.

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