Why can every Pokémon learn toxic? (is toxic a good move?)

As a very excellent Pokémon player ever since the 1990s, I have used different types of moves and my favorite of all time remains to be toxic.

I am fascinated by how the toxic move can affect even the strongest Pokémon during battle Is toxic a useful move? . I discovered that every Pokémon can learn the Toxic move in the game because it creates a balance.

I noticed some of the Pokémon have no offensive moves that can be used in battle and learning toxic is effective against some of the strongest opponents.

I will help you understand whether toxic is a good move, its strength, the Pokémon that can learn the move, and those that remain unaffected during battle.

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Is Toxic a good move for Pokémon?

Yes, toxic is a good move for Pokémon because it gives an upper-hand advantage during battle. The toxic move includes teaching the Pokémon to learn about omitting a poisonous gas that can defeat even some of the legendary Pokémon that do not know how to protect themselves .

Toxic is a good move because it can be taught to the weakest Pokémon and can be used in playing the most difficult battles.

How strong is Toxic Pokémon?

the toxic move
Toxic Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

Toxic Pokémon is extremely strong and can do a huge damage to the opponent during battle. It has a high accuracy kill level because most opponents Pokémon are affected by the poison from a toxic Pokémon.

Toxic Pokémon is strong because the fumes impair the opponent’s abilities to perform during battle and give it time to use other moves to win the game Is toxic a strong move .

The best way to determine the toxic Pokémon’s strength is by using the move more than twice.

It heightens the hazard levels in the opposing teams and the entire rival Pokémon brought out will be affected,

What is the best Pokémon to teach Toxic?

The best Pokémon to teach toxic moves is Venusar because it is a poison-type Pokémon and thus will not be affected by using the move against the opponents.

Venusar has defensive capabilities and learning toxic is an excellent strategy to ensure that it can defeat even the bulkiest opponent.

Furthermore, Venusar gets enough time to use other moves on the opponent and create a hazard that will affect the entire rival Pokémon thus becoming victorious.

What Pokémon are unaffected by toxic?

is toxic a good move?
Celesteela. Image source: Pokemon

Some of the Pokémon that are unaffected by toxic include those that have immunity against toxins. For instance, the poison-type and steel-type Pokémon’s are rarely affected by the move and can actively function during the battle.

The poison-type Pokemon include Toxapex and Venusar while the steel-type Pokemon are Metagross and Celesteela.

Those Pokémon that have immunity against all the moves including Toxic are Shedinja and Quagsire.

Is Toxic a good move for Gengar?

Toxic is a good move for Gengar because it will play a huge role in ensuring that it defeats bulky Pokémon when the normal attacks are not working against them.

Toxic is a good move because Gengar will have a wider variety of moves that can be used against the opponents Is toxic a recommended move? .

Gengar possess the Venoshock move which can be merged with Toxic to make the Pokémon even more dangerous during the game.

Toxic is a good move for Gengar also because it increases its speed and how it deals damage towards the opponent Pokemon.





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