Can Porygon evolve in Pokémon Quest? (How to evolve Porygon in Pokémon)

I have always been fascinated by Porygon. Just the thought of how this Pokémon lets me travel through space and shift shapes makes me so excited to talk about it.

I remember exploring the pixelated island and trying to cook delicious meals just to attract it, and those were the good old days.

Now that I am an expert, I’d like to share ways you can find the Pokémon Porygon and explain how I caught mine. Keep reading along, and I hope this article will help you obtain this mysterious Pokémon.

Let’s get started!

How do you evolve porygon?


Porygon is a special Pokémon that requires a unique process to evolve😍. Here is how to do it:

  • Acquire an Up-Grade- the first step to evolving a Porygon is to obtain an item called Up-Grade. Depending on the game version, it is in different locations.
  • Give Porygon the Up-Grade– after acquiring it, give it to the Porygon to hold. This is done by accessing the Pokémon menu, selecting Up-Grade, and giving it to the Porygon. Remember, you can only get one Up-Grade per game, so give it to the Porygon you want to evolve the most.
  • Trade Porygon– trade Porygon while it is holding the Up-Grade with another player🤩. After the trade, Porygon will evolve into Porygon2.

You can further evolve Porygon2 into Porygon-z with a dubious disc.

To evolve Porygon2 into Porygon-Z:

  • Obtain a Dubious Disc.
  • Give Porygon2 with the dubious disc to hold.
  • Trade Porygon2 with another player while holding the Disc; after that, it will evolve into Porygon-z🥳.

How do you evolve Porygon without trading?


In the main series games, Porygon evolves into porygon2 and Porygon-z only when traded😪 while holding the Up-Grade and Dubois Disc, respectively.

However, in Pokémon Go, one can evolve it without trading😁. Here is how to do it:

  • To evolve Porygon into Porygon2, you must obtain an Up-Grade item and 50 Porygon Candy. You can get the candy by capturing and then releasing Porygon.
  • After evolving Porygon2, you can evolve it into Porygon-Z by using a Sinnoh Stone item and 100 Porygon Candy.

Here is a table summarizing the Porygon’s evolution without trading🎮

Evolution stage

Required item

Required cady

Porygon to Porygon2


50 Porygon cady

Porygon2 to Porygon-z

Sinnoh stone

100 Porygon cady

Is it worth it to evolve Porygon?

How to evolve Porygon in Pokémon
Evolve Porygon. Image source: Pinterest

Deciding whether it is worth evolving, Porygon will mostly depend on your goals with the game😁.

Here are a few points to consider:

  • Porygon-Z is a great Pokémon for sweeping with its boosted STAB tri-attack and hyper-beam. Its move pool is impressive, and its speed is pretty good.
  • Porygon 2, on the other hand, is a beast with its higher defenses, making it an excellent wall or tank.
  • To complete your Pokédex, evolving Porygon could be worth it just for the dex entry.
  • Porygon is a possible community day Pokémon, but it’s unlikely to get any moves that would make it relevant.
  • Some players argue that Porygon-Z could be more helpful even with perfect IVs.

Ultimately, whether it’s worth evolving Porygon depends on your goals and play style. If you want a strong sweeper💪, Porygon-Z could be a good choice.

But if you’re more interested in completing your Pokédex or potentially getting a shiny Porygon during a community day event, you might want to hold off on evolving Porygon.

Happy gaming🥳!

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