Can you transfer Pokemon from a ROM? (Can you trade Pokémon using ROMS?)

Since I started playing games at a young age ūüĎ∂, my love for Pokemon has grown through these years‚̧. I have embarked on deep studying ūüďĖ and research to gain more knowledge and understanding about Pokemon and how it works.

If you are a Pokemon fan, you should stick around at the end of the article. I’ll answer the questions on whether you can transfer Pokemon from a ROM and if you can trade Pokemon using ROMS.

You learn a lot on this topic and much more in this article ūüėć.

Is trading Pokémon through ROMS a feasible

Is it possible to trade from a ROM to an actual cartridge?

It is possible to trade from a ROM to an actual cartridge but will be required to have some special hardware to carry out this process.

You will need a special cartridge that does not restrict the use of homebrew in the DS known as a flash cart. You will first load a rom into the flash cart and launch the rom using your Ds and the cartridge.

You will then proceed to save the file that you want to transfer. Then proceed to copy that file to the Flash cart. The files will be placed by the respective emulator beside the room.

In 1983, in the United States of America, it was made illegal for any user to create their backup of video game ROMS onto either other cartridges or even a hard drive.

It is the same case in most countries as it is illegal since the machinery to carry out in-game cartridges is illegal.

How to transfer from the emulator to Pokemon Home

trade Pokémon using ROMS
Pokemon Home. Image source: Pinterest

The first step in transferring from Emulator to Pokemon Home is loading the original game save into pkhex. You then proceed to select the Pokemon you want to export and export it to a file .

The next step is to open the new game save. Then import the Pokemon that you had saved.

The final step is to export the new file that you have saved.

Steps to transfer the emulator top pokemon home.

Load the original game save into pkhex.

Export the Pokemon you want to transfer to a file.

Open the new game save.

Import the pokemon you saved.


Export the new saved file.

Is there a way to transfer Pokémon between ROMS?

Can you trade Pokémon using ROMS?
Transfer Pokémon between ROMS. Image source: Pinterest

It is possible to trade between ROMS under the condition you ensure to keep all the original scripts. The process can be a bit stressful if your Pokedexes do not have a similar data lineup.

This is because you will change some things a lot. This will result in you getting glitch results at the end of the process.

In instances where you are trading from an emulator, you need to set up a network. You can also try using a R4 card if you have a Console.

The advantage of this is it is cheap and any other rom hacks can be easily played on them.

Here one can easily trade between ROM hacks and even the original games.

Can Pokémon be traded using ROMS?

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