Can you use mega Pokémon in PvP? (Which Mega Pokémon are best for PvP?)

When I was a kid, I remember playing Pokémon games that had mega evolutions like Pokémon X and Y, and I could use an evolved Pokémon in PvP battles 🥰.

However, in Pokémon Go, the mega Pokémon have not been used in PvP battles due to restrictions that come with the mega Pokémon allowed in the fight.

A friend battled in Mega Go and tried to use mega Pokémon in PvP, but it was messy. Since I have been mega-evolving Pokémon for years, I will help you understand the best mega Pokémon for PvP.

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Why can’t you use Mega in PVP battles?

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Mega in PVP battles. Image source: Pinterest

Mega evolutions are not used in PvP battles because of the restrictions 😢 that are imposed on the Pokémon allowed to undergo mega evolution.

For example, you can battle your friend with the Pokémon you have mega evolved, but you cannot use it in PvP battles except during special events.

Additionally, Mega in PvP battles are only used in co-op raids and not in competitive battles, and the evolved Pokémon can only be used for a single day.

We know that Mega Evolutions can only be used in Raids and Team Go Rocket Battles. Even if there are restrictions, you can use mega in PvP battles during mainline Pokémon games and specific Pokémon battle formats ☺ but you should know the rules and regulations before participating in the PvP battles.

Can you only Mega Evolve once per battle?

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Yes, you can only Mega evolve once per battle because once a Pokémon Mega evolves, it remains the same in its newly acquired form until the end of the battle.

During Mega Evolution, the Pokémon holds the stone required for evolution and uses it once on the Pokémon that they want to evolve. This process cannot occur multiple times.

The evolved Pokémon gains new stats and abilities that cannot be switched back to the original Pokémon during the battle.

You should note that even though you can only evolve a Pokémon once, Pokémon can be mega-evolved multiple times in Pokémon battles that are very competitive.

The table below shows reasons why Pokémon trainer mega evolve Pokémon once in a battle:

Factors behind mega evolving once

Reasons why you mega evolve once

Strategic choice

Mega Evolved Pokémon gain much power, and Pokémon trainers strategically select to evolve a Pokémon that will be more competitive in a battle.

Limited availability

Pokémon trainers have only one access to a Mega Stone required for mega evolution.

Narrative focus 😀

Pokémon trainers often have a particular bond with one Pokémon during a Pokémon game, and it is unusual to mega evolve multiple Pokémon.

Which Pokémon should you evolve for battle?

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Which Pokémon should you evolve for battle? Image source: Pokemon

When considering the best Pokémon to evolve for battle, most trainers often consider their usefulness, experience points, and enjoyment 😋.

When choosing the best Pokémon to evolve for a battle, there are factors to consider. For instance, you must consider the base stats, moves, typing, and the abilities the mega Pokémon will gain upon evolving.

For the PvP battle, these are the best Pokémon to evolve: Mega Charizard X and Y, Mega Metagross, Mega Gengar, Mega Kangaskhan, Mega Salamence, and Mega Lucario.

When you are choosing the best Pokémon to evolve for a battle, ensure that:

  • You choose a Pokémon with very strong 💪 base Stats such as high attack and aped stats.
  • You check the evolution stage to select a Pokémon that is fully evolved because it will gain a wider move pool for the battle.
  • You scrutinize the move pool that the Pokémon you intend to mega evolve can learn so that the moves are compatible with its stats.
  • You consider the typing and abilities of the Pokémon you want to mega evolve so that they are beneficial for you in the battle.
  • You consider how your Pokémon will synergize with your team before mega-evolving it.
  • You choose a Pokémon that has competitive viability in very competitive battles.

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