What Pokemon Card Has the Most Health? (What Is the Highest HP A Pokemon Can Have?)

For more than a decade now, I have played Pokemon characters and collected many big and small cards. Collecting different cards with varying powers has been an incredible journey that introduced me to the various card powers.

Recently, I interacted with someone who was interested in collecting cards but did not know the best ones to order.

So, I decided to share my experience on card values to save someone from falling victim to buying fake cards.

So, stay with me as I share the most potent cards we have currently and how far their powers can go.

What is the highest HP a Pokemon card can have? ✨

Highest HP A Pokemon Can Have

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The highest HP a Pokemon card can have is currently 340 points. HP (hit points) indicates how healthy a Pokemon is and how much damage it can take without fainting. Eternatus VMAX is presently the card with the highest hit points.

Most Pokemon cards have their points in the 30 and 340 HP range. However, some cards have more than 340 HP, like a few jumbo cards.

These cards, however, cannot be used in legal tournaments. This means that the only cards you can use for tournaments are limited to 340HP. ⚡ 

You are advised that it is probably fake if you encounter a very highly rated card, like 1000 points.

Is there a Pokemon card with 1000 health?

Pokémon card with the highest health
Pokemon card with 1000 health. Image source: Pinterest

At the moment, there are no Pokemon cards with more than 1000HP. Most of the cards we have currently have their hit points limited to 340HP. This is true for cards that you can use in legal tournaments.

If you happen to purchase a card that is rated higher at 1000HP, it is fake, and you should probably ask for a refund ❌!.

Although this could be a misprint, such cases are quite rare, and you need to confirm. Only jumbo promotional cards are rated highly, generally limited to 500HP, and used only for promotional purposes.

For official tournament use, be keen to look for Pokemon cards within the 340HP limit to be on the safe side.

What is the most powerful Pokemon card in the world? ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ 

Pokémon card featuring the most health points
Powerful Pokemon card. Image source: Pinterest

Different Pokemon cards come with varying powers depending on their hit points. The most powerful card we have at the moment is the Mega Mewtwo EX (Breakthrough) 🌟.

This card has 210 hit points, guaranteeing the highest defense on the battlefield. Some cards may have higher ratings than this, but they cannot be used in official tournaments.

The card also has unique abilities, including inflicting much damage on enemies besides taking in a lot of damage.

Ensure you get this card in your deck if you plan to put up a strong resistance in battle🔫.

Here are some of the most powerful cards with their respective HP rating.


Rating (HP)

Charizard VSTAR


Copperajah VMAX (Rebel Clash)


Arceus VSTAR


Charizard GX 


Mega Gengar EX


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