What Pokémon can beat Aerodactyl? (What Pokémon is good against Aerodactyl?)

I have played Pokémon using Aerodactyl most of the time because of its unique abilities and immense strengths and it won a lot of battles.

However, there are Pokémon that can beat Aerodactyl. Primal and Kyogre are some great examples that can be placed in battle and defeat the Aerodactyl.

They are trained to master Aerodactyl’s weakness as a strategy to develop movesets that will weaken and defeat it while playing Pokémon Go What Pokémon can be taught headbutt? .

As a Pokémon enthusiast, I will help have an in-depth understanding of Aerodactyl including its strengths, weaknesses, and the movesets that can defeat it.

What Pokémon is good to beat Aerodactyl?


How strong is Aerodactyl?

What Pokémon can defeat Aerodactyl? 
Aerodactyl. Image source: Pokemon

Aerodactyl is considered to be mega strong because of its high speed, attack, and power levels. Aerodactyls’ speed levels are unique because they provide a better focus, especially on the physical and ground moves.

The high speed and base stats make it quite strong, especially because of its imminent potential to override all the opponents in the game.

Aerodactyl’s strength ensures that it can fit into any game level, and it is imposing against other Pokémon in the level Pokémon that is good against Aerodactyl? .

Aerodactyl is strong also because of its physical attributes which contribute to its moves. For instance, Aerodactyl has unique features like tough claws and moves like ice fang, pursuit, and earthquake.

These features play a huge role in explaining why Aerodactyl is strong and dominant, especially with the vast attack on weak Pokémon like Celebi and Gengar.











What is Aerodactyl weak to?

What Pokémon is better against Aerodactyl?
What is Aerodactyl weak to? Image source: Pokemon

Aerodactyl is weak to factors like water, electricity, rock, and ice that affect its efficiency during battle. One interesting factor about Aerodactyl is that it is a rock-type Pokémon, but it is weak to rock move types.

Rock-related moves negatively affect the Aerodactyl and make it weak, thus reducing its efficiency in battle and causing double damage in the process What Pokémon can defeat Aerodactyl? .

The water moves affect the Aerodactyl through causing a breeze thus minimizing the time that the Pokémon has to recuperate.

Therefore, in fighting against Aerodactyl in Pokémon Go, the best strategy is learning about all the weaknesses.

The main objective is to ensure that Aerodactyl is defeated by focusing on its weaknesses despite being an utterly strong Pokémon with unique features and abilities.

What is the best moveset to beat Aerodactyl?

Aerodactyl - What Pokémon can beat Aerodactyl?
Best moveset to beat Aerodactyl. Image source: Pokemon

The best moveset to beat Aerodactyl is combining all the factors that make it weak during battle. One thing that should be understood about Aerodactyl is that it is an extremely strong Pokémon, and defeating it can be done through targeting its weaknesses.

The water, fire, rock, and ice moveset should be combined during battle to ensure that they beat Aerodactyl . Before getting into the battle, you should select a Pokémon that can learn the water, fire, rock, and ice movesets.

It should also have unique and strong features to increase its chances of facing Aerodactyl and using the movesets that are bound to defeat it.

Beating Aerodactyl can be pretty challenging, but focusing on its weaknesses decreases its efficiency in battle, lowering its attack power and increasing the chances of beat.

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