Do Pokemon like battling? (Are Pokemon battles ethical?)

I have engaged in Pokémon battling for a couple of years now. Even though my Pokémon have sometimes frozen and fainted, they still love me as a trainer.

Over the years, I have heard numerous theories surrounding the ethics behind Pokémon battling. 🤨 One of the things that I find strange is some people claiming that Pokémon battling is abusive.

I decided to create this post to shed more light on the ethics behind Pokémon battling and help clear such misconceptions. Therefore, stick around for this and much more!

Are Pokemon battles ethical?

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Though Pokémon battles may seem unethical due to trainers pitting partners against one another in dangerous matches, they are actually ethical.

This is because the responsibility of battle risks is a shared burden between the trainer and Pokémon.

In both the game series and Pokémon anime, trainers are educated on the importance of listening to their team members.

These battles are also ethical because when a trainer and Pokémon enter a battle, it is consensual on both sides.

A Pokémon enters a battle out of free will. The Pokémon series also sensitizes players on the importance of safety. If you would like to engage in Pokémon battles, here is what you need to know.

A Pokémon battle

A Pokémon fight

Present in

Generation 1 games

Commanded by

A Pokémon trainer, a human.

Options in the main battle screen





The Poké balls available

Master ball

Ultra ball

Great Ball

Premier ball

Luxury Ball

Heal Ball

Poké ball

Do Pokemon love fighting each other?

Are battles in Pokemon ethical?
Pokemon fighting each other. Image source: Pinterest

👍Yes. Just like wrestlers enjoy fighting each other despite the risks, Pokémon love it too. They have this innate desire to compete against one another. Pokémon have a competitive spirit, and they enjoy battling as a sport.

The text boxes that show up pre-battle also show that Pokémon are excited about battling. For Pokémon, battling is a great way to exercise, form bonds with fellow Pokémon, and untap their true potential.

Battling is also good for Pokémon since it helps them get better and develop more.

Is Pokemon animal abuse?

battling - Do Pokemon like battling? 
Is Pokemon animal abuse? Image source: Pinterest

🙅‍♂️No. Though some people compare Pokémon to animal abuse, it is not. This is because during battling, Pokemon are not hurt to the point of dying.

They fight until they decide not to be a part of the battle anymore. Pokémon is also not animal abuse because they can leave their trainer if they desire or even murder them, as depicted in the anime.

Trainers also respect the health of Pokemon and would stop fighting if they feel that they are extremely hurt. Therefore, the intensity of Pokémon battles is not as sinister as it may seem.

Additionally, Pokémon batting is extremely regulated and has clearly defined rules apparent to humans and Pokémon.

In some cases, when Pokémon trainers disregard these rules, they are shamed. Therefore, claiming that Pokémon is animal abuse is further from the truth.

Does Pokemon teach children animal cruelty?

Are all Pokemon battles ethical?
Does Pokemon teach children animal cruelty? Image source: Pinterest

No. Contrary to some people’s beliefs, Pokémon does not teach children about animal cruelty. Though the characters capture Pokémon in confined spaces, Pokémon does not encourage animal cruelty since Pokémon are not like animals.

Pokémon are not forced to battle. They enjoy battling with other Pokémon and want to be captured by trainers for them to grow stronger.

The relationship between Pokemon and trainers is not an abusive one but a symbiotic one.

Since Pokémon want to evolve, they need that human interaction with their trainers. 😐Trainers are also concerned about the well-being of Pokémon and care for them during travels.

Rather than teaching animal cruelty, Pokémon promotes animal friendships since the Pokémon world’s core revolves around Pokémon and human togetherness.

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