Can You Get Charizard In Omega Ruby? (Where To Find Charizard In Omega Ruby)

A few months ago, I restarted playing the Pokémon Omega Ruby games, which have been popular for a while.

I’ve been having a dilemma where I have been trying to get a Charizard in the game since I have been coming across Charizardites throughout the game but cannot get any Charizards, so I embarked on this quest to know how and where to get a Charizard in Omega Ruby.

I quickly realised that this is making the Omega Ruby become one of my favourites.

Now, here’s what I discovered.

Can you evolve a Charmander into a Charizard in omega ruby?

Find Charizard In Omega Ruby
Evolve a Charmander into a Charizard. Image source: Pinterest

You can evolve the transferred Charizard by giving the Pokémon a specific Mega stone collected throughout the battle to be used together with a mega bracelet to evolve a Pokémon to become a mega Pokémon in a battle.

With our background in Pokémon, we all know that the Charizard is the last evolution of a Charmander.

Since I came across Charizardite, I thought you could catch or get a Charizard in the 3D game, but no, you cannot get a Charizard, Chameleon, or a Charmander unless you transfer them from other Pokémon games.

How do you get a Charizard in Omega Ruby?

Unfortunately 😔, you cannot get a Charizard, Chameleon, or Chamander in Pokémon Omega Ruby; you can trade from a different Pokémon game like the Gold Heart, the Leaf Green, the Silver Soul, or the Fire Red games.

I tried to buy the Fire Red or the Leaf Green, but I found out that they are way too old and are practically impossible to purchase.

Readily available for trade to omega ruby

Move set

Difficult to trade to omega ruby

Move set

Silver Soul

Dragon claw and STAB moves

Leaf Green

Slash and STAB moves

Gold Heart

Air slash and STAB moves

Fire Red

Flamethrower and STAB moves

With these trades, I get to have Charizard in my 3D games; this makes it more attractive to work around the game collecting 💎 gems to strengthen my Charizard.

What is a good move for Charizard in Omega Ruby?

Where To Find Charizard In Omega Ruby
Charizard in Omega. Image source: Pinterest

After ⏳ hours of diving into Pokémon Omega Ruby, the Charizards in Omega Ruby, I realized that the best move for it would be the Same Type Attach Bonus (STAB) moves, which include the Dragon Claw, the Air Slash, and the Flamethrower.

I got a bonus tip from Reddit stating that you may use the Solar Beam or the Focus Blast to get a better coverage move for your fight to deal with specific threats from your opponent.

It’s also important to note that for you to have the 👍 best results for your Charizard, taking advantage of its impressive special attack stats, the best nature to achieve this would be Timid to have an all-rounded offensive threat Charizard.

This has worked for me for the last few opponents I have encountered.

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