Can Charizard Be Hit by Earthquake? (Does Earthquake Work Against Charizard?)

As soon as I leave work, I sit at my PlayStation, excited to solve yet another Charizard Challenge. My best friend is equally enthusiastic, and we love exploring new moves😊.

Recently, we saw a curious trend online where most people wondered if Charizard was weak against earthquake especially if the owner used dig.

None of us had ever envisaged the situation, and we decided to try it out ourselves and find out. In this article, I will discuss which Charizard is weak against earthquake, if Charizard can learn earthquake and more.

Does Earthquake Work Against Charizard?

Will Earthquake deal damage to Charizard in battles?
Earthquake Work Against Charizard. Image source: Pinterest

Earthquake works against Charizard X but not Charizard Y. Earthquake is a move that is designed to work against all ground-type Pokémon.

It is powerless against all Pokémon that can fly or levitate. Charizard Y, being a flying type Pokémon is unaffected by earthquake.

On the other hand, Charizard X has lost its ability to fly and is vulnerable to earthquake.

However, if your opponent uses the smack down move followed by earthquake, they could defeat Charizard😥. Also, if you had applied Roost just before your opponent unleashed an earthquake attack, you may lose.

Can A Charizard Learn Earthquake?

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Yes, you can teach your Charizard earthquake. Charizard is weak against Rock, Electric, and Steel Pokémon. These Pokémon are weak against earthquake.

Learning earthquake gives your Charizard the leverage it needs to defeat these opponents. Besides, earthquake is one of the game’s strongest and most accurate attacks 💪.

Teaching your Charizard this move is generally easy, especially in Generation Two. At this stage, it is TM accessible in Kanto after solving the Cianwood City puzzle.

The table below summarizes the new features your Charizard will acquire after learning earthquake.

Improved Coverage

Your Charizard can now win against Steel, Electric, and Rock Pokémon.

100 Power Base

Gains more power to cause great damage to opponent Pokémon.

Tough Claws Ability

Increases the impact of damage by your Charizard on opponent.


Can use earthquake to either defend itself or unleash attack to opponent.

Can You Hit a Charizard With earthquake If It Uses Dig?

Is Earthquake effective against Charizard?
Charizard With earthquake. Image source: Pinterest

No, you cannot defeat Charizard even if it used dig. Most people argue that since the Charizard is buried in the ground, this may compromise its immunity to ground attacks.

However, dig does not remove the Charizard’s ability to fly or levitate. Therefore, an earthquake attack will not cause any harm to Charizard.

However, if the opponent applies smack down, they may obtain leverage against Charizard 😥.

Does Charizard X Lose Its Ability to Dodge Earthquake?

Does the move Earthquake have an impact on Charizard?
Charizard X stats. Image source: Pinterest

Yes, Charizard X loses its ability to fly or levitate, weakening it to earthquake. When Charizard evolves to X, it can still hover but can no longer fly or levitate.

The lack of these qualities causes Charizard X to succumb to earthquake attacks.

Why Should You Teach Charizard Earthquake?

It is a strong, accurate move that gives Charizard leverage against Rock, Steel, and Electric Pokémon. Without earthquake, Charizard is defenseless against these Pokémon.

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