Can you trade Shadow Pokémon? (Can shadow Pokémon be traded?)

Since I was a kid, rescuing Shadow Pokémon from Team Go Rocket was my favorite part of any Pokémon game.

Once I caught it, I enjoyed 😋having this cold-hearted character in my storage, and I could not think of trading it so that I could enjoy the benefits of its unique characteristics.

My friend caught Shadow Pokémon in Pokémon GO, and he was wondering if he could trade it.

Let’s continue reading to discover if the legendary Shadow Pokémon is tradable!

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Why can’t you trade Shadow Pokémon in Pokémon Go?

Is trading an option for Shadow Pokémon?
Trade Shadow Pokémon in Pokémon Go. Image source: Pinterest

Shadow Pokémon cannot be traded in Pokémon Go since the ability to trade it was abolished by Niantic after they discovered that trainers were getting a hundred percent of Shadow Pokémon after purifying it.

Niantic came up with the ban after Team Cipher corrupted the Pokémon in order to get more advantage over other players in the game 😕.

Some of the reasons why you can’t trade Shadow Pokémon in Pokémon Go are listed in the table below:

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The reason why Shadow is not tradable


The unique characteristics

If you trade Shadow Pokémon, its unique characteristics bring imbalance in the game, which is not fair to other players. These characteristics include:

  • The dark aura appearance
  • Move sets that differ from a regular Pokémon
  • Power attacks.

Purifying Shadow Pokémon

When Shadow Pokémon is purified, the dark aura goes, it gains special moves, and its level is increased, thus making it more essential for a game. Due to the above changes, purifying Shadow Pokémon in Pokémon Go undermines the progress and mechanism initially designed for the game.

The involvement of Team Rocket

If Shadow Pokémon becomes tradable, the importance of battling Team Rocket becomes impossible as the storyline of the game changes.

However, as much as you cannot trade Shadow Pokémon when you purify it, you can trade it☺. There are factors you have to keep in mind when purifying Shadow Pokemon:

1. Shadow Pokémon is a special trade performed once daily with a friend.

2. You will need plenty of Stardust and Candy to trade Shadow Pokémon.

3. After purifying Shadow Pokémon, the unique characteristics will be lost.

4. The Individual Values of Shadow Pokémon will change upon trading.

After considering the above factors, follow these steps to purify.

  1. Go to the storage section in your Pokémon Go
  2. Get your Shadow Pokémon, which is usually surrounded by a purple flame
  3. Select the Shadow Pokémon
  4. Upon selecting, click on the ‘Purify’ option that will pop up.
  5. Click ‘Yes’ to purify your Shadow Pokémon, which is now easily tradable.

Can you transfer Shadow Pokémon?

Is it permissible to trade Shadow Pokémon?
Transfer Shadow Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

Shadow Pokémon cannot 🙅be transferred to other games or regions unless it is purified. Shadow Pokémon is not selectable on the Pokémon Go transporter screen, and thus, you cannot send it to Pokémon Home.

Shadow Pokémon was among the Pokémon corrupted by Team Cipher, causing Niantic to ban its transfer to other games.

Even if you can transfer Shadow Pokémon upon purification, it will contain a very special marker that will cause mass transfer of the Pokémon.

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