How often does Pokémon Center restock? (How often are new products added to Pokémon Center?)


There is usually no better time for me when I am happy than when restocking happens at the Pokémon Centre. Since I was a young kid, I would impatiently wait for restocks to happen to get new Pokémon merchandise.

As of late, new products are added weekly to the Pokémon Centre. This is a relief since I can buy new merchandise as regularly as I want.

If you want to know more about restocking at the Pokémon Centre, read on till the end to know more about restocking at the Pokémon Center.

How often are products added to Pokémon Center?

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When does the Pokémon Centre typically restock?

Restocks at the Pokémon Center happen randomly. There is no specific time as to when a restock usually happens😭.

For items that have been out for a long period, restocks typically don’t happen unless for some certain time frame.

This is a few years before the product is fully phased out. For new products, restocking happens every week.

If you need details about the restocks, you can subscribe to the Pokémon’s Center email newsletter, and every detail about the restock will be mailed to you.

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Does Pokémon Center restock sitting cuties?

new products on Pokémon Center
Pokémon Center restock. Image source: Pinterest

Definitely Yes. Sitting cuties are well-restocked at the Pokémon Center. Having these sitting cuties just helps you pause and relax if you are having a busy day.

And the best part of this is that the restocks are varied. Your choice depends on which sitting cuties plush you want based on your likes.

With the sitting cuties being among the fast-selling items in the Pokémon Center, it’s important to keep tabs on the Pokémon Center’s websites or various social pages to be in touch with them when restocks are happening to not miss on the ones you want.

Typically, dates for restocks are unknown.

So, if you come across one that you prefer, buy it.

How long does it take to get an order from the Pokémon Center?

The duration it takes to get an order from a Pokémon centre depends on their location. This is shown in the table below.


Shipping Options



Continental U.S.

5 – 7 business days

Post Office Boxes (Continental U.S., Alaska, and Hawaii only)

5 – 7 business days

Alaska, Hawaii, United States Virgin Islands, Minor Outlying Islands

7 – 9 business days

Products are dispatched to arrive as near to the release date as possible. However,🥲 a guarantee for arrival by the release date can’t be fully assured as delays may occur due to different circumstances based on the shipping method.

Shipping times may be higher during new product release seasons due to the large volume of orders. There might occasionally be delays due to payment holding, additional verification, or other problems.

Does Pokémon Center do pre-orders?

Pokémon Center restock
Pokémon Center. Image source: Pinterest

Yes. Pokémon centers do pre-orders. Once a pre-order has been made, cancellation cannot happen. This is because preorders have been made to the manufacturer to ensure your product is reserved for you😁.

You must also consider your residential address while preordering to ensure that you will still be at that address when the product is released.

Is it worth waiting for the Pokémon Center to restock?

How often are new products added to Pokémon Center?
Pokémon Center. Image source: Pinterest

Waiting for a restock at the Pokémon Center depends on your desire. If an item was produced long before, it will be futile to wait for it.

This is because there are higher chances that the restock won’t happen. With other products, since it’s usually unpredictable about the restocks, waiting is tiresome unless you are highly patient.

Even though you are patient, there is no guarantee you might get the product. 🥲

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