How Many Pokémon Can You Carry? (What Is the Carry Limit for Pokémon?)

I have been a Pokémon trainer for the last ten years, and I usually carry four well-trained Pokémon with me 😇. Whenever I capture an extra Pokémon, I keep it in storage or give it up to the Professor for training.

While this is my personal preference, I recently was looking into increasing the number. I sought information about the limit of Pokémon one could safely handle, and I noticed that most people needed help finding the same information.

I write this article to share the information I have gathered in regard to how many Pokémon you can carry and much more.

Why are You Only Allowed to Carry 6 Pokémon?

Pokémon that you Can Carry
Why are You Only Allowed to Carry 6 Pokémon? Image source: Pinterest

Carrying a maximum of 6 Pokémon allows for game balance. Also, six is the number that an experienced trainer can comfortably train and take care of.

If you have very few Pokémon, your game can be too short and not fun 😟. On the other hand, if you have too many Pokémon, your game will end up being too long.

Six gives a fair balance, although it is on the maximum. For example, for a double battle, you will need to bring 4 Pokémon.

Other games will give you a limit of 3 Pokémon. No game allows you to play with more than 6 Pokémon at a go.

Can You Carry More Than 6 Pokémon?

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No, you cannot carry more than 6 Pokémon. If you capture more than 6 Pokémon, the rest will be sent over to your storage.

In case you may need to use a Pokémon in storage, you must swap it with one of the 6 Pokémon you carry. Sometimes, a player may insist on carrying an extra Pokémon.

It is unclear if this is illegal or not, but you can carry an extra in your pockets or on your shoulder 😀.

Usually, Pokémon are emotional creatures that require your care and attention. Therefore, it is best to just keep at most six so that you can dedicate enough time to train them all and get them to trust you.

The table below shows a summary of the number of Pokémon different trainers carry against the reason.

Number of Pokémon



Some trainers get a full team of 6 and fully train them. They focus on these to give their best on entire game.

Starter Pokémon and HM slaves

Relatively new trainers generally stick to their starter Pokémon, and allow room to gain experience before obtaining more.

More than 6

Experienced trainers or Pokémon fanatics may go overboard and capture more than 6 Pokémon. They swap them in between games to exploit different strengths and increase chances to win.

What Happens If You Have More Than 6 Pokémon?

What Is the Carry Limit for Pokémon?
What Happens If You Have More Than 6 Pokémon? Image source: Pinterest

If you capture more than 6 Pokémon, the extra will be sent over to your storage. Also, you can transfer extra Pokémon to the Professor.

The Professor may choose to train the Pokémon or give them candy to evolve them. The basic storage in Pokémon Go allows for a maximum of 300 Pokémon at a go.

However, if you wish to increase the capacity, you can upgrade your storage. You need 200 Poke Coins to purchase every Upgrade.

Each Upgrade increases the limit by 50 and goes up to a maximum of 6,800.

Trainers who have extra Pokémon also have the option to trade extra Pokémon to other trainers. You can exchange the Pokémon you do not desire for the ones that you like 😊.

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