What does transferring Pokemon to the Professor mean? (how to transfer Pokemon to the Professor)

🍬Transferring Pokémon means requesting the Professor to take your Pokémon in exchange for candies for you to strengthen your team. I once engaged in Community Days in Pokémon Go when one of my Pokémon spawned in abundance.

🫢I ended up with hundreds of the same Pokémon. I decided to transfer them to the Professor in exchange for candies.

The move was worth it since it enabled me to evolve a strong Pokémon. I was so excited that I decided to come up with a post to share everything you should know regarding transferring Pokémon to the Professor.

Here is more!

How do you transfer Pokemon to the Professor?

You can either transfer a single or multiple Pokémon. Here are the steps to achieve both.

Transferring a single Pokémon to Professor

Transferring multiple Pokémon

Go to the Map View.

Proceed to the Map View and click on the main menu button.

Click on the main menu button.

Look for the Pokémon button and tap on it.

You then need to tap the Pokémon button.

Tap on one of the Pokémon you wish to transfer and hold until it is selected.

Choose the Pokémon you would like to transfer from the list.

Do the same for the other Pokémon that you wish to transfer.

Tap on the menu button and then click on transfer.

You can transfer all the selected Pokémon by clicking on the transfer button.

Note that you cannot transfer Pokémon defending Gyms, your favorite Pokémon, or your active buddy Pokémon. Additionally, you cannot transfer some mythical or legendary Pokémon.

What happens when you transfer a Pokémon to the Professor?

What happens when you transfer a Pokémon to the Professor?
Transfer a Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

When you are ready to transfer certain Pokémon to the Professor, you start by selecting them from your collection and then ask the Professor to exchange them for you.

The Professor will reward you with one candy for that specific Pokémon.

Let’s say, for instance, you transfer Pidgey and expect to receive a Pidgey candy in return.

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Be careful because once you transfer Pokémon to Professor, you will not be able to get it back.

What does the Professor do with transferred Pokémon?

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🤷Nobody really knows for a fact what the Professor does with the transferred Pokémon. However, people have come up with different speculations regarding this.

Since the Professor is considered an expert and a researcher, some people believe that he releases the transferred Pokémon back into the wild and puts them back into circulation.

Others imply that the transferred Pokémon are sent to a magical Pokémon blender in the lab. Those with this theory speculate that the transferred Pokémon is then ground or boiled down to create candy.

However, it is important to note that there is no factual evidence to support these theories.

Is it good to transfer Pokémon to the Professor?

Is it good to transfer Pokémon to the Professor?
Transfer Pokémon to the Professor. Image source: Pinterest

Though transferring Pokémon to the Professor means losing one of your members, it is worth considering due to the rewards that you receive.

The candies that you get from the transfer can be pretty valuable in the game since they can help you evolve a Pokémon to its next form. 👍These candies can also help you boost a Pokémon’s combat power.

Transferring Pokémon also helps you clear out duplicate Pokémon that do not serve any real in-game purpose. Therefore, transferring Pokémon to the Professor is a necessary part of the game.

What Pokemon should you transfer to the Professor?

A good strategy to use is focusing on the CP and IV of your Pokémon. Identify Pokémon with the highest stats and hold on to the shinies and the strongest as you transfer the weakest.

Transfer the Pokémon with a low CP since such a Pokémon has little battling potential.

Such a Pokémon is good to transfer since it is less likely to perform when it comes to defending and challenging gyms.

When catching multiple event Pokémon, consider transferring the Pokémon with lower appraisals.

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