Can you use Charizard in VGC? (is Charizard allowed in VGC?)


Charizard allowed in VGC?

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I first came across Charizard while I was in 6th grade. The best thing I have come to enjoy while using Charizard is that he is allowed in the VGC most of the time, apart from certain times when various regulations are put in place. Charizard is undoubtedly my favorite Pokémon when it comes to VGC.

Since I was a kid, I have used Charizard in various battles, and he has proven to be a worthy contender. Don’t get me wrong, he is not the best, but he is among my preferred Pokémon in the VGC.

You are on the right page if you want to know more about how Charizard works and how to use it.


How to use Charizard in VGC

Is Charizard an acceptable choice for VGC play?
Charizard in VGC. Image source: Pinterest

Charizard has a very widespread and diversified range of extraordinary and physical moves. In VGC, there are many moves you can use to achieve victory. Such moves are Heatwave, solar beam, air slash, and others.

The hurricane and airsplash move provide Charizard with access to Max airstream. Hurricane moves offer more power, while air splash provides more accuracy.

Max Airstream often inflicts heavy damage. This raises the user’s and its ally’s speed by one stage. Charizard can also use the sun with the solar beam move.

This move allows Charizard to beat the water and Rock-type Pokémon that resist its fire-type stab moves.

Apart from these moves, there are numerous moves that Charizard is equipped with and can be effectively used in battle. Some of them, including their effect in combat, are:

Quick move




Air splash












Main Move




Dragon claw












What is the best team for Charizard in VGC?

Is Charizard currently permitted in VGC?
Team for Charizard in VGC. Image source: Pinterest

The best team to pair with Charizard depends on an individual’s choosing. Some of the best characters I would team up with Charizard are Landorus-T, Gastrodon, and Tornadus.

Each of these partners compliments Charizard with their strength.

Gastradon is among the few best partners for Charizard. It can resist Rock-type attacks, which make Charizard weak. It can also protect Charizard and the team from water-type attacks, mainly from Urshifu-R.

With a vulnerability to entry hazards caused by its 4x weakness to Stealth Rock, Tornadus-T, Gliscor, and Tapu Fini can also be impressive partners. Hence, it is vital to have such Pokémon on your team😀.

Therefore, when choosing partners for Charizard, it’s vital to consider his weaknesses and what best works for you as an individual.

Ultimately, the choice at the end of the day depends on the player. All in all, Charizard is the best fit for offensive or bulky offense teams, and as long as he is paired with reliable teammates, he will have victory in the VGC.🏆

How good is Charizard competitively?


Charizard is perfect at competitions. It offers very dynamic attacks that are best suited to guarantee victory. Charizard proves to be intriguing with ideal Movesets such as Wing Attack, Blast Burn, and Dragon Claw. Its damage output is very high.

The severe damage output is because of its high special attack and the solar power move. Charizard’s ability to attack under the sun puts him among the most dangerous sweepers.

Such moves make him a worthwhile Pokémon.🙂

Is Solar Power Gmax Charizard Legal in VGC?

Yes! Gigantamax solar power Charizard can be used in VGC. The ban was lifted in VGC20 under series three restrictions from March 1st, 2020.

Periodically, the list of gigantamax has been expanded. Under series two, the gigantamax with solar power was not allowed, as only the one with the blaze ability was allowed.

The Solar power Gmax can melt everything under the sun☀️, thus making it highly dangerous.

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