Does Charizard have to levitate? (how to get your Charizard the ability to levitate?)

I love discovering the different moves that Charizard can learn to increase its skill set while playing Pokémon. Lately, I have been interested in learning whether Charizard can learn how to levitate and where to find the ability.

As a Charizard enthusiast, levitating will keep the Charizard off the ground and immune to all the ground hits during battle.

As a Pokémon enthusiast, I will help you understand how Charizard can gain the ability to levitate and whether it can be affected by the ground-type moves.

Here is what I discovered about Charizard and levitating;

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How to get your Charizard the ability to levitate

Is there a method to bestow the Levitate ability upon Charizard?
Charizard the ability to levitate. Image source: Pinterest

You can get your Charizard the ability to levitate by initiating a double skill swap during the Pokémon game.

Once you start your game, you should initiate pairing with a levitating-enabled Charizard. The Pokémon should be able to skill-swap and use it on Charizard before starting the battle.

After learning to levitate, the Charizard will be immune to all the ground hits that will be initiated during the battle.

You also have to ensure that the Charizard has the features that will ensure that it learns how to levitate. For instance, a Charizard with flying abilities can learn the levitating skill from Pokémon. Is there a method to bestow the Levitate ability upon Charizard?

What ground-type moves hit levitate?

There are no ground-type moves that can hit a levitating Charizard while playing Pokémon. Levitate gives the Charizard X the ability to float, meaning that it is rarely on the ground and thus cannot be susceptible to any ground hits.

The ground type moves to affect the Charizard type, which plays on the ground without any levitating feature.

In rare cases, levitate can be hit when the enemy in Pokémon contains rare features like Mold Breaker and Roost How can you provide Charizard with the Levitate ability? . The ground-type hit can affect levitate but cannot diminish its stats or power during the game.

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Can ground-type moves hit Charizard if it can levitate?

No, ground-type moves have no effect on Charizard that contains the ability to levitate. Levitating as an ability in Pokémon means that the Charizard is immune from being affected by any ground type moves.

Ground-type moves fired toward a levitating Charizard will not have any hit.

You should check the Charizard before the game starts for its features to know whether it can levitate.

Why Doesn’t Mega Charizard X Have Levitate?

ow can you provide Charizard with the Levitate ability?
Mega Charizard X. Image source: Pinterest

Is there a way to grant Charizard the ability to levitate in the game?The Mega Charizard X doesn’t have the levitating ability because of its physical appearance and form . The mega Charizard X is created to be in contact with the ground meaning that it has different features like tough claws that help it survive on the ground battle.

However, levitating is created for that Pokémon Charizard that can fight the battle off the ground. A Charizard that has levitate is lighter and can float, meaning that it cannot come in contact with the ground.

The mega X Charizard is not built for levitating abilities.

Let us look at the mega X Charizard features


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