Who is the god of water in Pokémon? (who is the god of sea in Pokémon?)

Who would have thought that Pokémon would have some religious aspect? Well, Pokémon does have different types of gods in it.

Since elementary school, I have been amazed by the various powers these gods have and one of them is Manaphy, the god of water.

Apart from Manaphy, there are other deities, such as the god of the sea.

If you want to learn more about them, read ahead so I can share this information.

who is the god of sea in Pokémon?

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Who is the god of the Sea in Pokémon?

The Sea God is Kyogre Neptune. The name Kyogre is derived from these subsequent terms:




Ocean in Japanese


Japanese word referring to the planet Neptune


In Japanese, “king of the sea.”


local expression for tidal bores.

As the god with the fewest ranks, Kyogre is in charge of creating the oceans and has the ability to make them even larger by sending down heavy rains. This Pokémon’s characteristic move, Drizzle, makes rain appear on the battlefield.

This god resembles a whale with fingers on its fins. Kyogre first appeared at Level 50 in Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire.

With a powerful Special Attack of 150 and a Special Defense of 140, it is a formidable brawler. Its Attack and HP are average at 100, while its Defense and Speed are acceptable at 90 apiece.

Kyogre is extremely strong because of his enormous size and plated skin, making him challenging to damage. As a god, he is eternal in spirit and can breathe underwater like any other fish.

Additionally, he can converse with inanimate aquatic animals. Although Kyogre is typically quiet and peaceful, it will fight Groudon in a devastating battle if they encounter each other.

According to legend, Kyogre normally resides in a deep hole in the ocean.

Since Snacksworth had previously experienced Kyogre Treats, Kyogre adores them. Pokémon that can learn the move Origin Pulse are only known to include Kyogre.

Its signature ability before Generation V was Drizzle. Kyogre is capable of turning into Primal Kyogre through Primal Reversion.

Claims have it that Kyogre’s actual and original form is his primal form.

When Kyogre is in the Primal condition, its power is at its maximum.

Who is the god of the Sea in Pokémon?

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Why is Kyogre known as “King of The Sea” in Pokémon?

Why is Kyogre known as "King of The Sea" in Pokémon?
King of The Sea. Image source: Pinterest

Kyogre created the sea, as were the merpeople who would inhabit Oceania, thus being known as the king of the sea. Arceus and all the other gods created Kyogre in the early stages of the cosmos.

Waterbending was taught to him by Cresselia, the Moon Goddess. Even though Cresselia was his instructor, Kyogre, the God of the Sea, is the second most potent waterbender.

He spent the initial portion of his life on Aquaria before contributing to Earth’s development. Groudon, the Volcano God, and Kyogre engaged in a fierce battle to determine whether the Earth was to be made of continents or oceans.

After their conflict gave rise to the present-day oceans and terrain, Rayquaza, the Sky God, put an end to it.

Kyogre is praised for quenching drought-ridden regions of the world and for increasing the number of seas. This is what makes him known as the king of the sea.

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