How Long Does Sandwich Power Last Pokemon? (How to Check Your Sandwich Time Pokemon Violet)

The introduction of mealpowers was a game-changer for me. However, I didn’t like how the timer keeps running even when I’m not playing 😤.

One day, I accidentally hit the home button before spending the next ten minutes on a phone call. When I returned, I noticed the timer hadn’t moved.

Curious, I tried again and got the same results. I had stumbled on a way to freeze the sandwich timer.

Read on to find out how to do this and more.

Do sandwiches have a time limit in Pokemon Violet?

Check Your Sandwich Time Pokemon Violet
Sandwiches in Pokemon Violet. Image source: Pinterest

Yes. Sandwiches have a time limit in Pokemon Violet. They last 30 minutes. When eaten, Sandwiches give you power.

These meal powers increase your chances of finding Shiny Pokemon and Legendaries and increase your EXP. Points after a battle.

These mealpowers vary with the ingredients used to prepare the sandwiches. Here’s a table outlining the meal powers, some of the sandwiches responsible, and their ingredients 👇:




Item Drop Power

Ultra Fruit Sandwich

Apple, banana, kiwi, pineapple, marmalade, whipped cream, and yogurt.

Encounter Power

Ultra Curry and Rice Sandwich

Jalapeno, tomato, curry powder, mayonnaise, and rice.

EXP. Power

Master Egg Sandwich

Salt, mayonnaise, cheese, egg, red onion, cucumber, and salty Herba Mystica.

Catching Power

Great Potato Salad Sandwich

Avocado, mayonnaise, red bell pepper, cucumber, potato salad.

Egg Power

Great Peanut Butter Sandwich

Peanut butter, butter, banana.

Title Power

Master Fruit Sandwich

Marmalade, banana, apple, kiwi, whipped cream, yogurt, pineapple, sweet Herba Mystica.

Humungo Power

Master Refreshing Sandwich

Avocado, cherry tomato, salt, kiwi, pickle, marmalade, spicy Herba Mystica.

Raid Power

Ultra Peanut Butter Sandwich.

Banana, butter, jam, peanut butter.

Teensy Power

Master Zesty Sandwich.

Chili sauce, herbed sausage, Jalapeno, onion, sliced green pepper, sour Herba Mystica, and watercress.

Sparkling Power

Tofu + Salty and sour Herba Mystica

Tofu+ Salty and sour Herba Mystica

How do you check sandwich time in Pokemon Violet?

the duration of Sandwich Power in Pokémon
Sandwich time in Pokemon Violet. Image source: Pinterest

As mentioned, sandwiches last 30 minutes ⏲️. You can check the time by pressing the right directional arrow on your controller’s D-Pad.

This brings up a menu outlining your active meal powers and a timer. It’s worth noting that you can reset this timer by eating another sandwich.

However, in-game limitations ensure you can only use one mealpower at a time.

Can you pause the sandwich timer in Pokemon Violet?


Yes. You can pause the sandwich timer in Pokemon Violet. As mentioned, your sandwich lasts 30 minutes, which isn’t enough time for some players.

Fortunately, you can pause this timer by returning to the Home Screen after eating your sandwich.

Doing this freezes the timer, allowing you to do something else. Once done, return to the game, and the timer will continue counting down.

How do you know when sandwich power ends in Pokémon?

the timeframe for Sandwich Power in Pokémon
When sandwich power ends in Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

You can check the remaining time in the notification menu. As mentioned, sandwiches last 30 minutes, and you can check this time by pressing the right directional arrow on your console’s D-Pad.

Frequently doing this helps you estimate how much time you have left.

How do you make a shiny sandwich in Pokemon Violet?

Interested in the longevity of Sandwich Power in Pokémon?
Shiny sandwich in Pokemon Violet. Image source: Pinterest

Shiny sandwiches in Pokemon Violet grant you sparkling power, which increases your odds of getting a Shiny Pokemon. Here’s how to make a Shiny Sandwich 🥪:

Gather the ingredients

Unlike other sandwiches, the recipe for shiny sandwiches isn’t listed in the game. You’ll need to use Creative mode to prepare the ingredients for this sandwich. To access Creative mode, go to your “Sandwich” menu and click “X.”


Once you’re in, select the ingredients and add them to your sandwich. If your sandwich has a lot of ingredients, skip the top bread. Instead, drop the top far away and eat your sandwich as is. You’ll still reap the benefits.

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