Is Slurpuff good in Pokémon Go? (Is Slurpuff a strong Pokemon?)

I was looking for a good Pokémon to add to my team in the Great League competition. One of my friends recommended Slurpuff.

Since I had not used this Pokémon before, I was not sure if it was the right Pokémon. 🧐 So, I did a lot of research on it and discovered that while it is not the strongest, it can be exceptionally useful.

I learned all about the Pokémon before adding it to my team.

So today, I will share everything you need to know regarding Slurpuff, including whether it is good. Keep reading!

Is Slurpuff a strong Pokemon?

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No. Slurpuff is more of a downgrade if you were to compare it with other charmers like Clefable. Though Slurpuss is a cute addition to the game, it has low stats. With that said, Slurpuff is still a viable Pokémon for the fairy-type role, and it is resistant toward certain types of Pokémon.

Additionally, this Pokémon is a good Sticky Web setter. Due to its Support movepool and its unburden ability, it keeps a sticky web on the field. Slurpuff is as good as the play style it enables.

This means that it entirely depends on its teammates.

This Pokémon best suits hyper offense teams.

What is the best Moveset for Slurpuff in Pokemon Go?

Slurpuff's combat prowess
Moveset for Slurpuff in Pokemon Go. Image source: Pokemon

👍When attacking Pokémon in gyms, the best move set for Slurpuff is Play Rough and Fair Wind. The move combination is great for PVP battles, and it has the highest total DPS.

Here are more details regarding its best moveset.



Play Rough

37.2 dps

Play rough

37.2 dps

Fairy Wind

11.1 dps


16 dps

When battling in neutral weather, Slurpuff can deal 293.1 damage before fainting. ☁️Slurpuff was originally located in the Kalos region, and it is weather boosted by Cloudy weather. In Pokémon, it has a max CP of 2486.

What are the best counters against Slurpuff in Pokemon Go?

Slurpuff's strength in battles
Slurpuff in Pokemon Go. Image source: Pokemon

The best counters against this Pokémon are steel and poison moves. Its weakness in steel-type moves makes it exposed in the Great League since most players use steel-type Pokemon.

Some of the Pokémon that you can use when you want to beat Slurpuff include:

  • Dialga
  • Nihilego
  • Deoxys (Attack)
  • Metagross
  • Zacian (Crowned Sword)

If you want to defeat Slurpuff, ensure you have a minimum group size of between 1 and 3 trainers for you to defeat the Pokémon in a 3 Star Raid. 4 trainers and above make it easier to defeat Slurpuff.

What is Slurpuff resistant to in Pokemon Go?

is Slurpuff a formidable Pokémon
Slurpuff resistant to in Pokemon Go. Image source: Pokemon

Slurpuff is resistant to fighting, dark, bug, and dragon attacks. Its high damage output from its fast moves allows it to win matchups against opponents that have poor bulk. It has almost identical bulk as Pokémon like Aromatisse and Clefable.

This Pokémon is known for its sensitive sense of smell and uses it to help pastry chefs in their work. Its keen sense of smell is said to be 100 million times stronger than that of man.

🥴This Pokémon can even tell a person’s physical and mental condition simply by taking in their scent.

What is Slurpuff good for?

Slurpuff is good at stomping on fighting type Pokémon that dominate in Great League meta, such as Medicham and Machamp, since it is resistant to such types of Pokémon.

Therefore, if you wish to counter dragon, fighting, and dark Pokémon, consider using Slurpuff.

Slurpuff is an effective niche Fairy type with a good set of attacks, and its stats are not bad. It has a stamina of 164, an attack of 144, a defense of 140, and a maximum CP of 2199.

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