What is the best Alola Pokémon? (6 best Pokémon in Alola)

Several Pokémon in Alola stand out for having impeccable qualities. Some examples include Kommo-o, Toxapex and Tapu Koko. Seeing Alola for the first time is a breath-taking experience 🤩.

Some would say I’m exaggerating, but I truly appreciated the aesthetically pleasing and sunny ambiance in Alola.

With all the new Pokémon types living in this region, it’s hard to decide what the best Alola Pokémon is.

Keep reading to learn what many fans in the Pokémon community think about this topic.

Who is the strongest Pokémon in Alola?

Who is the strongest Pokémon in Alola
Who is the strongest Pokémon in Alola. Image source: Pinterest

The answer to this question is relative🤷. Some players seem to think that Toxapex is the strongest Alolan Pokémon. Toxapex is a poison-water type known to destroy its enemies with its impressive defence stats. Its Special Defence stats alone stand at 142, which makes this Pokémon a formidable opponent against any team. Even if it gets injured in battle, Toxapex uses the Regenerator to recover its Health Points. In addition to its incredible survival skills, Toxapex can use the Haze move to delete your setup. That means Pokémon can use Scald to burn its opponent and its Toxic Spikes to poison to weaken them. If all that does not say strongest Alolan Pokémon, I don t know what does.

Below is a summary of Toxapex’s features:



Gender ratio

50% male and 50% female


Regenerator, Limber of Merciless

Hidden Ability.


Evolves from a Mareanie (level 38)

What is the strongest non-legendary Pokémon in the Alola region?

Most people agree that Kommo-o is the 💪strongest non-legendary Alolan Pokémon. This Pokémon has impressive defence stats and great moves to back it up.

These include the Dragon Tail, Stealth Rock, Taunt and Toxic. The best part is that the attack stats are also good.

Thanks to moves like Close Combat and Earthquake, Kommo-o performs well for non-legendary Pokémon. Many players appreciate its signature moves, which include the Clanging Scales and Clangorous Soul.

What is the best starter Pokémon in Alola?

What is the best starter Pokémon in Alola?
Starter Pokémon in Alola. Image source: Pinterest

Some trainers argue that Rowlet is the best starter in Alola. Here’s why. Rowlet is a dual-type Pokémon with a wide pool of moves for your convenience.

If you’re new to the game, Rowlet is your safest bet. It has great Health Points and good defence stats. With that said, if you choose to go with Rowlet, ensure you maximize on catching other Pokémon to strengthen your team.

That’s because Rowlet becomes less and less useful as the game progresses.

What is the best Alola Pokémon team?

What is the best Alola Pokémon team?
Alola Pokémon team. Image source: Pinterest

If you want to create the dream team in Alola, you must acquire certain Pokémon. The first is Tapu Koko, an elite competitive player in Alola.

This Pokémon boasts electric Terrain support and lightning speed. It also has one of the best defence typing in Pokémon Go.

Adding to the fact that it has a versatile move set, Tapu Koko would be an invaluable member of a good Alola Pokémon team.

You should also consider adding Kartana to your team. This mon also has incredible speed and equally impressive attack stats.

This deadly Pokémon has a move set designed to kill its opponent. Moves like Sword Dance boosts its attack stats.

You also need a ghost-type to make the team more interesting. Enter Lunala, a dual ghost-type Pokémon.

Its special attack stats are off the charts and you can teach it many special moves. Lunala also has adequate defense stats, making it a great addition to your team.

alola vs galar-pokemon

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What is the best way to play Alola?

Experts recommend speaking to everyone 🧐as you make your way through Alola. That way, you can get many helpful tips and experiences as you overcome challenges throughout the game.

Sometimes you might even get money or valuable items to help you get a leg up in your adventure.

You should consider using the Refresh feature to freshen up your Pokémon and make it healthier. This feature removes burns, paralysis, and several other status conditions.

Pokémon Refresh gives you a chance to feed and pet your partners to ensure they become affectionate towards you.

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