Is there a Charizard from fusion strike? (can you catch a Charizard in fusion strike?)

Since I have been a Pokémon card collector for years, I thought I could be lucky to catch Charizard in the recent release of Fusion Strike.

I bought a hundred packs within a short time when Fusion Strike first came out and tried to pull my favorite Charizard card to no avail.

My friend bought a whole booster pack only to find low pull-out rates of Gengar, Espeon and Mew.

He failed in getting a single Charizard after a whooping four thousand cards😂. Let’s continue reading to find out if there is any Charizard in Fusion Strike.

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Is the Charizard in Fusion Strike rare?

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The chances of getting a Charizard in Fusion Strike are very minimal, even though Charizard is a rare card, and many trainers and collectors place high price tags on them 😥.

Many Pokémon enthusiasts have opened loads of packs without getting a single Charizard. Although there is a chance that a Charizard can be found in one of the unopened packs, you can lose thousands of dollars buying and opening the packs before you can pull out a Charizard.

If you are lucky enough to find a Charizard in Fusion Strike, the card will be rare when you compare the market prices pegged on the most valuable cards in Fusion Strike.

The table below shows Charizard prices and the rarest Pokémon cards in Fusion Strike.



Ungraded Charizard


PSA 9-Graded Charizard


PSA 10-Graded Charizard


Mew V (Full Art)


Genesect V


Inteleon VMAX


Celebi V


Mew V (Alternate Full Art)


Mew VMAX (Alternate Art Secret)


Espeon VMAX


Gengar VMAX


Mew Vmax (Rainbow Secret)


From the prices above, Charizard is still one of the rarest and most expensive Pokémon cards to be found in Fusion Strike.

Is the Charizard in Fusion Strike worth opening?

catch a Charizard in fusion strike
Charizard in Fusion Strike. Image source: Pinterest

Since it’s rare to pull a Charizard in a fusion strike, it is not worth spending thousands on a booster box only to come out with nothing 😞.

Fusion Strike has the worst pull rates for the rarest cards, and many trainers suggest that you go for singles instead of a whole booster box if you don’t want to overspend your dollars.

However, Espeon, Mew, and Gengar are worth opening since they are the biggest money pulls after the release of Fusion Strike.

Just like Charizard, they have unique art and design, making them popular even though they still have lower pull rates.

So, it’s up to you if you have some adult money you want to spend to try your luck ☺️!

What are the odds of pulling Charizard from the fusion strike?

can you catch a Charizard in fusion strike?
Charizard from the fusion strike. Image source: Pinterest

The odds of pulling Charizard from any Pokémon booster pack vary depending on the rarity of the card. Charizard cards are classified under ultra-rare or secret rare cards that have lower pull rates when compared to other cards .

Since Charizard is very rare, the odds of pulling it from any booster pack will be less than half of a percent. Many Pokémon trainers have pulled up to four thousand cards, and even the rarest cards in the Fusion Strike Pokémon have very minimal odds.

For instance, the current odds of pulling rare cards in Fusion Strike below show that the odds of pulling Charizard will be very rare 😕.

Pokémon card

Current pull rate

Gengar VMAX

1 out of 1080

Mew V (Full Art)

1 out of 2160

Espeon VMAX

1 out of 1440

Mew VMAX (Alternate Art Secret)

Very rare

Mew Vmax (Rainbow Secret)

Very rare

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