What does Vstar mean in Pokémon? (is vstar card rare in Pokémon?)


Being a passionate Pokémon fan, my journey in the Pokémon Trading Card Game has been an adventure filled with countless captivating moments.

Among the discussions that frequently arise among fellow players, the purpose behind VStar markers stands out as a fascinating and pivotal topic that greatly influences our gaming strategies.

In this article, let’s explore the significance of these markers, their intricate link to the formidable VStar Power, and their profound impact on the outcome of a game.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or stepping into this world anew, join me as we unravel the intriguing enigma surrounding VStar markers.

Let’s dive in and discover together! 😊

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What does the star mean on Pokémon cards?

is vstar card rare
Pokémon cards. Image source: Pinterest

A star on Pokemon cards tells you that the card is rare and might be hard to find 🤯. For instance, a card with a black star indicates that it is a rare Pokemon🌟.

However, a card with a white or gold star means that it is very rare and that finding it could be even harder🤩.

These super rare cards usually have cool pictures and art designs that cover the whole card. Some of these cards include the VSTAR, GX, and EX cards.

These cards are different because they have special powers and are stronger than regular cards.

Additionally, there is a new set of cards called Brilliant Stars. This set has VSTAR cards that look very nice and are beautifully designed.

They’re part of a cool collection of cards with special abilities that players love to collect and use.

Here is a display of VSTAR cards alongside their respective VSTAR powers



Vstar power

Arceus VSTAR



Charizard VSTAR



Darkrai VSTAR


Star dream

Giratina VSTAR


Star distortion

Shaymin VSTAR


Star blessing

How do Vstar Pokémon work?

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The Vstar Pokémon are special cards you can obtain by evolving Pokémon V. They’re stronger and have a special power called Vstar Power that can only be used once in a game🤧.

This power can change how the battle goes by either giving a special ability or a strong attack. These Pokémon are tough, with lots of health points (HP) and powerful attacks.

Sadly, if they get knocked out in battle, your opponent acquires two Prize cards as a reward😫. These cards bring a new twist to the game, making battles more exciting and challenging 🥳.

What are Vstar markers used for?

Vstar meaning in Pokémon
Vstar markers. Image source: Pinterest

In the Pokémon Trading Card Game, VStar markers are specialized tools for game strategy😌. They’re closely tied to Pokémon VSTAR.

Each boasts a unique and impactful move known as VSTAR Power. This powerful move holds the potential to sway the outcome of a battle significantly, but players can only use it once per game👏.

Similar to the GX markers from an earlier game phase, these VStar markers serve a reminiscent purpose. They track and indicate whether a player has already employed their V-Power move.

These markers operate as a strategic aid, helping players manage and keep track of their impactful moves during gameplay.

Is a VStar card rare?

VStar cards are a rare and special card type in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. There are a total of 172 VSTAR Universe cards in the game.

Interestingly, 90 of these cards fall into the Secret Rares category, making them even more unique and sought after by collectors.

They include various cards such as Alternate Art cards, rare Energy and Trainer cards, and a few Ultra Rares.

Some of these cards, like the Charizard VSTAR, have exceptional value due to their scarcity and unique variations.

If you have a VStar card in your collection, it is likely a valuable and prized possession😃.

What is the blank V Star card for?

is vstar card rare in Pokémon?
Blank V Star card. Image source: Pinterest

The blank VStar card serves as a useful game aid, functioning as a marker or counter during matches😌. When you use a VStar Pokémon card and activate its special VStar Power (a one-time use ability), the blank card transforms from white to black.

This simple change indicates that you have utilized your VStar Pokémon’s unique power for that game. It’s a helpful tool that helps you track your strategies while playing.

Despite having no rarity or high value for collectors, this blank VStar card is an essential part of the game as it assists players in managing their gameplay🤺.

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