What Pokémon can beat Mewtwo? (Is there a Pokémon stronger than Mewtwo?)

One of my favorite strong legendary Pokémon as I grew up was always Mewtwo❤️. I enjoyed the psychic moves that made me view it like a small god in the Pokémon games.

However, in some Pokémon releases, Arceus seems to be getting the upper hand when it comes to high stats. This made me wonder what Pokémon could beat Mewtwo.

Is there a Pokémon stronger than Mewtwo? Let’s continue reading to know what Pokémon can beat Mewtwo and more.

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How strong is Mewtwo in Pokémon?

Pokémon that is stronger than Mewtwo
How strong is Mewtwo in Pokémon? Image source: Pinterest

Mewtwo is among the genetically modified legendary and rare Pokémon, making it a very powerful and offensive monster.

It is strong 💪when it comes to its muscle, and its weight is above average. It has high psychic abilities, such as telekinesis, that it uses to cover itself from opponents’ hits, and it regenerates from fatal damages.

It has very high special attacks and high speed. Its stats are also very high, and it is good at giving out hits as it can easily throw aside opponents with its telekinesis ability.

In addition, when it mega evolves into X and Y, it becomes more versatile and offensive while its special attack is boosted.

Additionally, Mewtwo belongs to the Uber tier; thus, it is regarded as a very strong Pokémon who heavily impacts battles.

For instance, its strong power and enormity were showcased so well in Detective Pikachu and when it destroyed the laboratory where its genes were drawn and created 🤣

Is there a Pokémon stronger than Mewtwo?

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Yes, there are Pokémon characters that are stronger than Mewtwo, such as Arceus, as it is regarded as the God who created other Pokémon characters.

Arceus can overpower Mewtwo because it has more base stats and more move pools than other Pokémon and can change into a different type with its many moves.

Another more powerful Pokémon is Eternatus, with its Dynamox Cannon and Eternabeam moves, which surpass Mewtwo’s power.

The table list below shows other Pokémons that are stronger and can beat Mewtwo in battles:


What makes it more powerful than Mewtwo


It’s Versatile learned


Ability to manipulate Mewtwo’s weakness


Its ultra form

Primal Kyogre

Its ability to drown the earth

Primal Groudon

Its ability to dry the earth

Mega Mewtwo X And Y

They are bigger and better versions of Mewtwo


Mew knows all Mewtwo’s moves as Mewtwo is a clone of Mew.


Its ability to control time


Its ability to destroy the universe


Ability to protect the earth from atmospheric threats

What is Mewtwo’s weakness in Pokémon?

In Pokémon games, Mewtwo has weaknesses against ghost, dark, and bug-type moves, as shown in the table below:

Mewtwo weaknesses

Examples of moves


  • Shadow claw
  • Shadow ball


  • Bug-buzz
  • X-Scissor


  • Dark Pulse
  • Crunch
  • Foul play

Can Mewtwo win against legendary Pokémon in a fight?

Pokémon stronger than Mewtwo
Can Mewtwo win against legendary Pokémon? Image source: Pinterest

Apart from legendary Arceus 😜, Mewtwo has a high chance of winning against legendary Pokémon in a fight . For instance, it was able to win against Deoxys in Pokémon Adventures.

It can also win against Genesect, Articuno, regular Kyogre if it uses an electric attack on it, Xerneas, Yveital, Lunala, Zygarde, Solgaleo, and others.

To be able to win against other stronger legendary, the trainer that is controlling Mewtwo should consider the stats, moves, and strategies that the other opponent is using to make sure that Mewtwo is not weak to them.

Which Pokémon can defeat mega Mewtwo y?

Pokémon that can beat Mewtwo
Pokémon that can defeat mega Mewtwo y. Image source: Pinterest

Even though Mega Mewtwo Y has high base stats and extra powerful Psychic moves, Tyranitar can defeat it using its Dark-type moves since Mega Mewtwo is weak to dark-type moves 😪.

Darkrai can also damage Mega Mewtwo Y with its dark pulse moves that make Mega Mewtwo Y defenseless.

In addition, Aegislash is resistant to psychic moves as its ghost moves make Mega Mewtwo Y weak to Aegislash ghost moves.

Other Pokémon that can defeat Mega Mewtwo Y include Mega Houndoom, Bisharp, Mega Gengar Greninja, and Mega Banette.

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