Can Rowlet Be Shiny in Pokemon Go? (What Are the Odds of Getting a Shiny Rowlet?)

I was stoked to participate in this year’s first Pokemon Go Community Day Event 😊. Niantic finally released the Shiny Rowlet Pokemon, and I was determined to snag one.

I first encountered Rowlet in Pokemon Sun and Moon. I thought it was cute, but I didn’t see its use on the battlefield.

However, with time, I delved deeper into collecting rare Pokemon and became obsessed with finding every Shiny Pokemon I could.

So, when I heard we might be getting a Shiny Rowlet, I was all about it. Here’s what you need to know.

What are the chances of getting a Shiny Rowlet?

Do you know the probability of getting a shiny Rowlet in Pokémon?
Getting a Shiny Rowlet. Image source: Pinterest

You have a 1 in 500 chance of getting a Shiny Rowlet in Pokemon Go 🤓. This is the standard rate for most Shiny Pokemon in the game.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to boost this, even in the 2024 Rowlet Community Day event.

Shiny Rowlet differs from its standard counterpart by its mint green coat, red beak and feet, and the dark turquoise leaves on its chest.

Its stomach and face, however, remain white like the standard Rowlet.

The reason why Rowlet can’t be shiny in Pokemon Go

What is the likelihood of obtaining a shiny Rowlet in Pokémon?
Why Rowlet can’t be shiny in Pokemon Go. Image source: Pinterest

Until recently, you couldn’t get Shiny Rowlet in Pokemon Go because Niantic hadn’t released it. Rowlet is a Grass / Flying type Starter Pokemon from the Alola Region.

As a rule, Niantic doesn’t release Shiny variants of Starter Pokemon with the standard version 🙅‍♂️. An example of this is Chespin, a Grass-type Starter from Kalos.

Chespin debuted in 2020 but got a Shiny in January 2023.

Likewise, Rowlet debuted in the Spring of 2022, and a Shiny version in the January 6th Rowlet Community Day Event.

Is Rowlet a rare Pokemon?


Rowlet isn’t considered a rare Pokemon since it’s a Starter available at the beginning of the game. As mentioned, Rowlet is a Grass/Flying type Pokemon from the Alola region.

This Pokemon flies silently through the sky, sneaking up on its opponents and attacking with powerful kicks.

Additionally, it uses the razor-sharp leaves on its body to attack from a distance. Rowlet can also turn its neck 180 degrees and does so to face its trainer during a battle.

This Pokemon evolves into Dartrix, then Decidueye. Here’s a table outlining Rowlet’s stats 👇:


Grass / Flying


Grass Quill Pokemon




1.5 Kg



Long Reach (Hidden Ability)







Sp. Attack


Sp. Defense




Can you trade a Rowlet in Pokemon Go?

What Are the Odds of Getting a Shiny Rowlet?
Rowlet in Pokemon Go. Image source: Pinterest

Yes. You can trade Rowlet in Pokemon Go. Before you begin, ensure you’ve added the other player to your friend list, have enough Stardust, are 100 meters from each other, and are level 10 trainers.

Once done, follow these steps:

  1. Select the other player from your Friends Tab.
  2. Hit the “Trade” Button and notify them so they can join the session.
  3. Choose the Pokemon you wish to trade. In this case, select “Rowlet.”
  4. Confirm the trade.

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