What’s the Pokémon with the highest defense? (What is the best defense tank in Pokémon Violet?)

As a Pokemon enthusiast, I have always been very vigilant about finding and using reliable Pokemon that have outstanding defense stats.

My goal for this is usually to give my opponent a headache 🤒, as my Pokemon is annoyingly tough to beat.

Join me as we unravel the mystery behind the best defense tank in Violet, how to max out defense in Violet, and other relevant information regarding the topic.

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What is the best defense tank in Pokemon Violet?

Interested in building a solid defense team in Pokémon Violet?
Best defense tank in Pokemon Violet. Image source: Pinterest

The best defense tank in Pokemon Violet is Garganacl. The defensive stat of 130 as well as the typing of pure rock make it an intimidating task for physical attackers.

With purifying salt as its unique ability, it gains immunity to status conditions and resistance to ghost-type 👻 moves. It also has access to Salt Cure, which does lingering damage like sand tomb and fire 🔥 spins.

It also does substantial damage over time to water and steel types.

The following table shows stats for Garganacl.

Special Attack


Special Defense










How do you max out defense in Pokemon Violet?

What is the best defense tank in Pokémon Violet?
Defense in Pokemon Violet. Image source: Pinterest

Players can efficiently farm Sp. Defense EVs by handing a Pokemon a power band and including them in their party during battles.

Having a Pokemon hold a power band helps them add eight defense EVs each time they receive any yields from battle.

This can be further improved by conquering Pokemon that offer defense EVs. The best way to approach this is by battling Pokemon that provide pure defense yields.

The following is a list of some Pokemon that offer pure defense EVs when defeated:

  • Mareanie
  • Pineco
  • Sandygast
  • Hippopotas
  • Stonjourner
  • Bergmite
  • Orthworm
  • Tarountula
  • Iron Treads

Players are advised to stick to these Pokemon as well as their evolutions to get pure defense yields.

What Pokémon has the highest defense in Scarlet?

Wondering which Pokémon serves as the ultimate defense tank in Pokémon Violet?
Highest defense in Scarlet. Image source: Pinterest

Avalugg has the highest defense stat of 184 in Pokemon Scarlet. It is an ice Pokemon that is vulnerable to steel, fighting, fire, and rock moves.

Its strongest move sets are Avalanche and Ice Fang, which are the best move sets for PVP battles and have the highest total DPS.

With access to Recover, which is among the best healing moves in the game, it can almost indefinitely prolong the fight.

Your Avalugg can stay on the field as long as you want it to unless your opponent has highly effective moves to use on you.

What is the highest defense and special defense Pokémon Scarlet?

Shuckle rules over Special Defense and is also notoriously infamous in Physical Defense. It is an excellent choice if you need a wall that’s solid and can establish entry hazards in battles.

Shuckle’s Special and Physical Defense stats are both at 230, which is just insane 🤯. This is true given its Special Attack and Attack of 10, its HP stat of 20, as well as its speed stat of only five.

All hail, Shuckle!

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