What Is The Strongest Pokémon In Pixelmon? (What Is The Most Overpowered Pokémon In Pixelmon?)

As a Pokémon fan who has interacted, caught, bred, and traded with many Pokémon, I have found myself ranking them according to their strengths.

At one point, many of us have asked ourselves which Pokémon in Pixelmon is the strongest, especially when it comes to ability, raw power, and base stats.

From the small number of non-Legendary Pokémon that are very powerful, to the great Legendary Pokémon, I have compared their power and strength to pick the best fit for my team.

So please continue reading to learn more about having a powerful team in battle.

What is the best Pokémon team on Pixelmon?

What Is The Most Overpowered Pokémon In Pixelmon?
Best Pokémon team on Pixelmon. Image source: Pinterest

The best 😎 Pokémon team I have ever built and worked with would be the combination of Charizard, Tyrantrum, Lucario, and Metang.

The Charizard is a Flame and Fire-type Pokémon, the Tyrantrum is a Rock and Dragon type, Lucario is a Fighting and Steel type, and Metang is a Steel and Psychic Pokémon.

Having a combination of different types of Pokémon has helped enhance my battle outcomes to a win record of 80%. Pokémon are highly effective when their IV is perfect and in good nature.

Whether you play Pixelmon competitively or for fun, having the best team on your side can have you dominate in battle.

For this to happen, you will need to make a formidable combination of Pokémon to deal with massive damage while covering each other’s weaknesses.


What is the best non Legendary Pokémon in Pixelmon?

You can win battles without using Legendary Pokémon. One of the best non Legendary Pokémon that I have encountered are both Dragon types, namely Dragonite and Goodra.

Dragon type Pokemon are usually the best non Legendary, especially in terms of their abilities. This fact makes many gamers want to flood into their location to catch them so that they can add them to their teams.

It is advised that you add a strong non Legendary Pokémon to your team; this will help you gain a significant advantage in battle.

What non-legendary Pokémon are the best in Pixelmon?

Strongest Pokémon In Pixelmon
Non-legendary Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

As we said, the best Legendary Pokémon I have encountered are Dragonite and Goodra. They each have a strong three stage evolution, their ability to take damage and they have great stats.

The Dragonite is a Dragon Flying type Pokémon with a base total of 600. It captured my attention because of its excellent overall stats, especially its high attack stats.

The incredible ability of the Dragonite to multiscale has enabled it to take only half the damage when hit at full hit points 🔥.

The Goodra is a pure Dragon type with a base total of 600. With Goodra, I realized that its physical and special attacking stats are nearly even with huge Defense stats.

Goodra has many good abilities, but the most incredible ability is the Movepool, which enables it to learn 💪 strong attack moves from any different type.

What is the most overpowered pokémon in pixelmon?

As a Pokémon enthusiast who has encountered a lot of Pokémon throughout the years, I can attest that the most powerful Pokémon is the Legendary Arceus.

It is a normal type of mythical Pokémon that happens to be the creator of the Pokémon universe in the lore and is a god in the Pokémon world.

Arceus has 720 hit points, 120 in every stat, and a base total stats higher than its closest competition of 40.

It also has powers like Multitype ability and Telepathy ability that you will not find in any other Pokémon. The Legendary Arceus is considered the most powerful Pokémon in the Pokémon universe.

Two fun facts about the Legendary Arceus is that it can transform into any type. And since it is the only Pokémon that can learn the move Judgement, it can disintegrate the whole landscape around it.

Arceus can also learn a wide range of moves which provides you with a diverse and powerful move pool 🤯.

Who are the strongest legendary Pokémon in Pixelmon?

The Most Overpowered Pokémon In Pixelmon
Strongest legendary Pokémon in Pixelmon. Image source: Pinterest

Apart from Arceus, there are several other Legendary Pokémons in pixelmon. The three Legendary Pokémons that compete for the top spot 🏆 would be Mewtwo, Mew, and definitely the Arceus.

The table below shows the significant differences in the three strongest Legendary Pokémon stats;

Base stats




Hit points












Special Attack




Special Defense












As per the table, we can see that the god Arceus is the crème de la crème of the Pokémon universe, with Mewtwo following closely behind.

As much as Mew is considered a strong Legendary Pokémon, sadly, it does not stand a chance against the two.

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