Does Pokémon Go work on treadmill? (Does walking on treadmill count on Pokémon Go?)

When my friends decided to come up with alternate ideas for making steps on Pokémon Go, one of them suggested walking on a treadmill while the other maintained that it does not work on Pokémon Go.

Luckily, I had tried Pokémon Go on a treadmill for many months and even read articles about whether Pokémon Go works on treadmills.

Join me as I write about whether Pokémon Go works on the treadmill 🤪.

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Does walking on treadmill count on Pokémon Go?

Does walking on treadmill count on Pokémon Go?
Walking on a treadmill in Pokémon Go. Image source: Pinterest

No. Walking on a treadmill with the game running does not count since Pokémon Go relies on GPS to track the player’s steps and movement, and not just steps alone 🤗.

Pokémon Go measures the distance a trainer has walked through the GPS coordinates. Walking on a treadmill does not change the player’s GPS location, even though steps are being made.

However, closing the app and enabling Adventure Sync will count steps in Pokémon Go. To make this successful, you should place your phone where the health app can easily track your treadmill movement.

Does walking on a treadmill help hatch eggs in Pokémon Go?

Curious about treadmill walking in Pokémon Go?
Hatch eggs in Pokémon Go. Image source: Pinterest

Without the Adventure Sync enabled, walking on a treadmill will not help hatch eggs🔥. Hatching eggs on Pokémon Go relies on steps covered by a player, which is measured by tracking the GPS differences in coordinates.

Walking on a treadmill will have the player at the same location, thus, the steps not being able to be measured.

However, closing Pokémon Go and turning on Adventure Sync in Pokémon Go will help hatch eggs.

Does daily incense work on treadmill?

Wondering if walking on a treadmill counts in Pokémon Go?
Daily incense. Image source: Pinterest

No. Daily incense relies on GPS for Pokémon spawn to be triggered. Walking on a treadmill does not change the difference in location as steps are being taken without necessarily a location change.

Unlike regular incense, Daily incense spawns Pokémon after a certain distance has been covered. Nevertheless, the initial Pokémon will spawn while on the treadmill, but the subsequent ones will not because there will not be a record of change in location.

To spawn a Pokémon, you have to walk and change your location.

Does Pokémon GO adventure sync count treadmill steps?

Yes 💪. Pokémon GO adventure sync counts treadmill steps, even though the steps may not be 100% accurate.

Adventure Sync uses a phone’s sensors or health apps like Google Fit and Apple Health to track the steps taken even when Pokémon Go is closed.

It will then provide or sync, with Pokémon Go, the updates of distance and steps taken by the player.

Keeping the phone close to the body for the health app to track the body movement will increase the accuracy.

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Daily incense working on a treadmill?


Adventure Sync counting on treadmill

Yes (accuracy may not be 100%).

Walking on the treadmill to hatch eggs


Walking on a treadmill


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