How to Spawn Pokemon in Pokemon Go (How to Get Pokemon to Spawn)

Pokemon Go gets a lot of heat for deviating from the main storyline; I like how they approach the Pokemon universe. I’m especially fond of having items to influence Pokemon spawn rates 😁.

Like many players, I want to complete my Pokedex fast and catch the rarest Pokemon.

However, I can only capture so many Pokemon in a day.

Here’s how I get Pokemon to spawn to get them all…

How to get Pokémon to spawn in Pokémon Go without moving?

You can use the Incense and Lure modules to get Pokemon to spawn in Pokemon Go without moving. Here’s how…


Looking to increase Pokémon spawns in Pokémon Go?
Incense. Image source: Pinterest

Incense is an in-game item that covers your avatar in a pink mist that attracts Pokemon to you. It lasts 30 minutes and attracts one Pokemon every five minutes if you’re stationary.

However, moving around attracts one Pokemon every minute.

There are two confirmed ways of getting incense – Leveling up and buying from the Pokeshop. Leveling up gives you a fixed amount of incense but takes a long time.

In contrast, getting incense from the Pokeshop is instant but expensive.

Alternatively, you can get incense by opening the special boxes at the Pokeshops. The Ultra Box, for instance, has 5 incense, 5 super incubators, 18 premium battle passes, and 25 Ultra Balls.

Once you’ve gotten your incense, follow these steps to use it:

  1. Tap the Pokeball.
  2. Open “Items.”
  3. Navigate to “Incense.”
  4. Tap to activate and wait.

Lure Modules

Want to boost Pokémon spawns in Pokémon Go?
Lure Modules. Image source: Pinterest

Similar to incense, lure modules attract Pokemon to your location. However, they’re limited to Pokestops, forcing you to go to one, but once you’re there, you needn’t move 🤓.

They work for 30 minutes and will attract different Pokemon. Regular lure modules attract nearby Pokemon, while Special lures attract specific Pokemon species.

Here’s a table outlining the Pokemon drawn by various lure modules 👇:

Lure Module





Attracts all nearby Pokemon


Ice and water

Eevee, Mantine, Jynx, Oshawott, Snorut, Swinub, Snover, Totodile, Sphea, and Piplup.


Rock, Electric, and Steel

Jolteon, Electrode, Pikachu, Joltik, Geodude, Beldum, Nosepass, Voltorb, Magnemite, and Aron.


Bug, Grass, and Poison.

Eevee, Hoppip, Sudowoodo, Oddish, Bellsprout, Roselia, Yanma, Venonat, Cherubi, and Tangela.


Water, Bug, and Electric

Froakie, Psyduck, Joltik, Electrike, Spinarak, Stunfisk, Tympole, Surskit, Tynamo, and Chinchou.



The Golden lure also gives you more items from the Pokestop and Gimmighoul coins used to evolve a Gimmighoul to Gholdengo.

How do you get rare Pokémon to spawn in Pokemon Go?

Level up

Leveling up increases your chances of encountering rare Pokemon in the wild. Additionally, the process gives you rewards and items you can use to increase your chances of getting rare Pokemon in the wild.

Use incense and modules.

As mentioned, these items are Pokemon magnets. Use them during special events, Community days, and Timeless travel events to increase your chances of running into a rare Pokemon.

Can you force a Pokemon to spawn?


Yes. Using Lure modules “forces” Pokemon types to spawn around Pokestops in Pokemon Go. On the other hand, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet lets you force a Pokemon to respawn. You’ll first go to the Pokémon’s spawn point and try catching it. If you fail, set up a picnic. Doing this will reset all the spawns in the area, allowing you a second chance to capture your desired Pokemon.

How often do Pokemon spawn in Pokemon Go?

How to Get Pokemon to Spawn
Pokemon spawn in Pokemon Go. Image source: Pinterest

Pokemon spawn every hour in Pokemon Go 🕛. However, this doesn’t guarantee you’ll see the new Pokemon on your map because of the Time Till Hidden (TTH) feature.

This feature lets you see new spawns for a set time and varies with each Pokemon Spawn. It adds variety and spontaneity to the game.

How do you increase Pokemon spawn rates in Pokemon Go?

As mentioned, using lure modules and incense is your best bet for increasing spawn rates in Pokemon Go. You can get these at the Pokeshops or by leveling up.

Maximize their effects by using them during specific times your desired Pokemon spawns.

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