What Fossil Should You Take in Fire Red? (Which is Better in Fire Red: Helix or Dome Fossil?)

In Fire Red, a few levels into the game, I already had an idea of the kind of team I wanted to develop. However, once I got to Mt.

Moon and successfully fought a Super Nerd, my strategic prowess was put to the test😰 as I had to choose between the Dome Fossil and the Helix Fossil.

While I appreciate a good dilemma🤓, I struggled with this decision, but researching the fossils made this easier.

To help you have a less daunting experience choosing between the two fossils, here is some insight on what each of these has to offer:

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What Does the Helix Fossil Do in Fire Red?

Which is Better in Fire Red: Helix or Dome Fossil?
Helix Fossil in Fire Red. Image source: Pinterest

The Helix Fossil regenerates into an Omanyte Pokémon. It is a water/rock type Pokémon that can master numerous water/rock type moves.

It belongs to the Spiral 🐚Pokémon species and has such abilities as swift swim and shell armor. The latter grants the Pokémon protection from critical hits.

The table below summarizes its base stats, indicating Omanyte’s high special attack stats that enable it to leverage such moves as Surf.

Omanyte’s stats imply its aptitude for offensive abilities, and its chaotic😈attributes facilitate its unpredictability in battle.

You can evolve the Omanyte into a more powerful 💪Pokémon: the Omastar. Omastar’s defensive stats are better than Omanyte’s, and it can explore better moves, like Hydro Pump.

Base Stats:












Special Attack



Special Defense









What Does the Dome Fossil Turn Into in Fire Red?

Fire Red - Helix vs Dome Fossil
Dome Fossil. Image source: Pinterest

The Dome Fossil revives into Kabuto Pokémon. Kabuto, like Omanyte, is a water- and rock-type Pokémon. It is of Shell Pokémon species and has battle armor and swift swim abilities.

Swift swim enables it to boost its speed in rainy ⛈️weather by doubling it. According to the stats in the table above, Kabuto has impressive attack 🥷and speed stats.

These lend to its defensive prowess, as does its capacity to leverage a structured approach to battle to devise calculated moves.

Kabuto can evolve into the even more powerful Kabutop, whose attack and speed stats are higher.

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Which is Better in Fire Red: Helix or Dome Fossil?

Helix or Dome Fossil
Helix or Dome Fossil. Image source: Pinterest

Both the helix and dome fossils have their unique strengths and weaknesses. However, from a gameplay perspective, the helix fossil is the winner.

As explained earlier, you can revive the Helix and Dome fossils into Omanyte and Kabuto Pokémon, respectively.

As a first advantage, according to the table presented earlier, Omanyte has better stats💪 compared to Kabuto.

This is especially evident as Kabuto’s special attack, defense, and special defense stats are lower than Omanyte’s.

Moreover, Omanyte’s moves are more versatile👌 than Kabuto’s. Hence, during a battle, you would benefit from having the powerful Omanyte in your team.

Lastly, the Helix fossil also stands out as a player can find it earlier🙌 in the game, which means they can maximize their use of the Omanyte Pokémon for longer.

In contrast, the Dome fossil is accessible much later😔, which implies less usefulness.

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