Is there a flying and fighting type Pokemon? (which Pokemon can use flying and fighting moves?)

Yes. There are flying and fighting type Pokemon including Galarian Zapdos, Hawlucha, and Flamingo. Since I started playing Pokémon, I always take my time before adding different types to my team. 💪

Flying-type Pokémon captivate me the most since they are strong and have helped me win battles.

The other day, I came across a few flying and fighting Pokémon and wanted to learn whether this type was a solid combination.

After comprehensive research, I created this post to help you learn which Pokémon can use flying and fighting moves.

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Is flying and fighting a good Pokemon type?

which Pokemon can use flying and fighting moves?

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Flying and fighting is a good Pokémon type . One of the most popular flying and fighting Pokémon is Hawlucha. Most gamers consider it a good flying and fighting type of Pokémon since it is a threatening sweeper with the Unburden ability.

This Pokémon can outspeed even extremely fast foes. It is also considered good due to its combination of terrain seeds like psychic seed, grass seed, and electric seed.

👌Just like Hawlucha, Galarian Zapdos, another flying and fighting Pokémon, is also good due to its decent stats.

With 252 Atk, this flying and fighting Pokémon boasts respectable damage output for attacking gyms and raids. Here are the stats of each flying-fighting Pokémon.

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What is a flying-fighting Pokémon weak to?

What is a flying-fighting Pokémon weak to?
Flying-fighting Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

😩A flying fighting Pokémon like Hawlucha is weak to fairy, ice, psychic, electric, and flying type moves. It also takes decreased damage to grass, fighting, dark, ground, and bug-type moves.

If you are trying to use Galarian Zapdos in battle, you should understand that it is 2x weak as fairy, ice, physic, electric, and flying-type moves.

These move types are commonly used in battle, and they can create issues as you utilize Galarian Zapdos. Flamingo also has the same weaknesses as the other two flying-fighting Pokémon.

What is a flying fighting Pokémon resistant to?

✊Flying fighting Pokémon are resistant to bug, ground, dark, grass and fighting type moves. If, for instance, you are working with Hawlucha, this can deal 39% damage to bugs and electric type move. It can also deal 63% damage to dark, grass, and fighting-type moves.

Though Hawlucha has a small body, it has proficient fighting skills that enable it to keep up with Hariyama and Machamp.

Galarian Zapdos is also resistant to fighting, dark, bug, and grass-type moves. In battle, this flying and fighting Pokémon overwhelms its opponents with its strong kicks using its mighty legs and its speed movements.

What Pokemon counters a flying fighting type Pokemon?

What Pokemon counters a flying fighting type Pokemon?
Flying fighting type Pokemon. Image source: Pinterest

We mentioned that a flying fighting type Pokémon like Hawlucha is vulnerable to Fairy, ice, psychic, eclectic, and flying moves.

Therefore, the strongest Pokemon that counter this Pokémon include Darmanitan, Hoopa, Mewto, Caltrex, and Deoxys. You can use either of these Pokémon to beat the flying fighting Pokémon Hawlucha.

On the other hand, the Pokémon that counter a flying fighting Pokémon like Galarian Zapdos include Rayquaza, Mega Gardevoir, Mewto, Mega Alakazam, Shadow Mewto, and Mega Rayquaza.

You can also use these Pokémon against the flying fighting type Pokémon known as Flamingo.

What are the best possible moves for a flying-fighting type Pokemon?

What are the best possible moves for a flying-fighting type Pokemon?
Moves for a flying-fighting type Pokemon. Image source: Pinterest

It depends on the specific flying fighting type Pokémon. For instance, some suggest that the best moves for Hawlucha are High Jump Kick and Acrobatics due to their high base power.

Others believe that the best moves for this flying fighting type Pokémon are flying press and wing attack when attacking other Pokémon in gyms.

They argue that this move combination is also the best for PVP battles since it has the highest total DPS.

When it comes to Galarian Zapdos, the best possible moves are believed to be brave bird and counter when attacking Pokémon in gyms.

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