What Type of Pokémon Can Beat Electric? (What Type of Pokémon Is Best to Fight Against Electric?)

Like most players, Pikachu was my first Electric-type Pokemon. I thought he was cute, and like Ash, I had him as my Buddy Pokemon for a while 😊.

My Pikachu had decent stats, but his defensive abilities were what caught my attention.

He could easily repel other Electric types and hold his own against Flying attacks. This spurred me to learn more about his fighting capabilities.

My research sent me down a rabbit hole, where I learned more than I bargained for.

So, here’s a rundown of the Pokemon to use against Electric types.

What is Electric-type Pokemon weak against?

Which type of Pokémon is most effective against Electric types?
Electric-type Pokemon. Image source: Pinterest

Electric-type Pokemon are weak against Grass, Electric, and Dragon-type Pokemon. Additionally, they are ineffective against Ground-types.

Electric Pokemon have Electrokinetic abilities that allow them to control, store, and produce electricity. They are relatively few in the Pokemon Universe, numbering 87.

Their population comprises rodent-like creatures and inanimate objects 🤓.

What is Electric-type Pokemon resistant to?

Electric Pokemon are resistant to Flying, Steel, and some Electric types. Steel moves only deal half damage, while Flying moves are easily defended.

Electric Pokemon have impressive defensive stats. In fact, here’s a table summarizing the Electric Pokemon’s stats 👇:













Special Attack



Special Defense






What are Electric types strong against?


Electric types are strong against Flying and Water-type Pokemon. Although Flying Pokemon have an aerial advantage, they are more susceptible to lightning strikes 🌩️, a specialty of Electric Pokemon.

On the other hand, Water types rely on or reside in water, which conducts electricity. Therefore, zapping a water body inflicts damage and, in some cases, doubles it.

This makes Electric Pokemon your best bet against Water types.

What are the abilities of Electric types?

What Type of Pokémon Is Best to Fight Against Electric?
Abilities of Electric types. Image source: Pinterest

As mentioned, Electric types have excellent defensive abilities that make them formidable in any battle. Additionally, they’re fast and immune to paralysis while inflicting the same on opponents.

Here are some moves exclusive to Electric Pokemon.

Electric Surge

Electric Surge allows the Pokemon to turn the battlefield into an Electric Terrain when they start the battle. This move prevents grounded Pokemon from falling asleep and boosts the Power of the Electric Pokemon’s move. Tapu Koko and Pincurchin are some Electric Pokemon with this move.

Motor Drive

Motor Drive boosts the user’s speed stat when zapped with an Electric move. This move converts the damage into a speed boost, rendering the user immune to Electric Pokemon. It’s popular with Electivire, Blitzle, Zebstrika, and Emolga.


Static charges the Pokemon with Static Electricity, which may paralyze the attacker if it makes contact with it. This move can affect Ground-type Pokemon, and it’s popular among Pikachu, Raichi, Voltorb, Electrode, and Electabuzz.

Volt Absorb

Volt Absorb allows the user to gain an HP boost when hit by an Electric move. This defensive move is popular with Jolteon, Chinchou, Lanturn, and Minum.

In addition to these moves, you can rely on items such as Cell Battery, Electrium Z, and Zap Plate to boost your Pokemon’s abilities.

Cell battery improves the attack stat, Electrium Z upgrades your Electric moves into Z moves, and Zap Plate enhances the effectiveness of your Pokemon’s moves.

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